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Final Project Due: October 6, 2021 by 11:59 pm.

The Final Project is worth 100 points or 5% of your grade.

I am providing you the assignment instructions in Week 2 so that you may begin to research and develop your Final Project.

I suggest beginning the Final Project as soon as possible, and do not wait until the week the project is due.  This project requires a great deal of research and organization.

Final Project: Identifying Community Resources 

As a Medical Assistant you often may be tasked with locating community resources or referrals for your patients.  It is important that as a MA you can locate and access resources to assist your patients.  For this Final Project you will research and create a list in an excel spreadsheet of Community Resources.  Below you will note a large variety of topics to research.  You will first choose one county to research.  After you have chosen the county (example: Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, etc…) you will choose 10 topics from the list below, and then identify three (3) different community resources for each of the 10 categories you have chosen which are accessible in the chosen county. 

I suggest developing an excel spreadsheet, neatly organized with headings and titles for each category.

Be creative!  You will be graded on creativity, organization, identifying 10 categories and then providing three (3) resources for each category.  Double check your work for spelling.  Double check you have followed the instructions below.

For example:

If you choose Macomb County, you may choose to identify three community resources which may provide food assistance for your patient.  In Macomb County there are a variety of food banks and soup kitchens.  After you research this category you will create an excel spreadsheet and list the following in the spreadsheet:

Category Name (Food Assistance)

Name of resource (Woodside Church Food Bank)

Physical Address of the resource (555 Washington St, New Haven, Mi. 48048

Telephone number and/or website. ( (Links to an external site.))

Type of resource (Food Assistance)

Is there a cost associated with the use of this resource (Food is available for pick up on Tuesday/Thursday between 10am – 3pm)

Categories to choose from:

Adult day care

Assisted living facilities

Alzheimer’s support

Cancer care

Counseling services

Crisis hot line

Disability services

Food Services/Food Banks

Home health agency


Medical equipment and supply

Mental health Services

Nursing homes

Senior citizens’ services

Substance abuse services

Support groups


Utilities assistance

Veterans services

Victims’ services

Youth services

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