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Article Choose one of the articles assigned during this course that really impacted your thinking abou your work with children .

Using examples form the article, what stood out to you? What about this article made you change your thinking about your work with children?

Question 2B: How would you Implement some of these ideas in your future work with children and familles?

Poem Read the poem The Depth of The Child. 11pts.

Question 3A: After reading the poem, what does this poem tell you about children?

Question 3B: What this poem saying about the role of the adult?

the poem

The child lives and makes meaning through many relationships .


The chid is a meaning The they he and makes meaning from .

The is deeply meaningful The meaning the chid doep. Deeper than the deepest ocean

The perspective is rich with meaning The what is important world

The child is deeply interconnected

The chid lives and makes meaning through many relationships.

The child has countless people, places and things that make up their world . an ancient riverthe vast world of the child deeper than can ever be fully understood by the ad There are those who say that the child needs adults to make meaning That the child is incomplete withc what is provided by the adult the child is not an empty vessel for adults to fill with their ideas about pandemics The world is complicated and rich with many meanings This not a new reality for the child. The child has always made meaning of their complex world The child is competent The child is capable The is deep Every moment provides an opportunity for the adult to see the depths of the child But this is a challenge for the adult. The adult wants to tell before they listen. The adut wants to inform before they observe . The adult wants to correct before they understand

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