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Advanced Primary Care of Family Practicum I

-Discussion Question week 5

Review the following website ult/files/program/files/Nurs e-Practice- Act.pdf American Association of Nurse Practitioners “Standards of Practice” es/documents/publication s/standardsofpractice.pdf

  1. Discuss at least 3 regulations impose in APRN in the state of Florida and would you like to change the


Remember to use APA style 7th edition format and three peer-reviewed reference articles/sources currently less than five years this post must have a minimum of 300 words.

And I need 1 reflective response post of at least 150 words that addresses one students’ original posting that I am going to put below

Post students’ original:

Discuss at least 3 regulations impose on APRNs in the state of Florida and would you like to change the process.

The three regulations which are imposed on APRN include licensure, certification, and education. Every APRN is responsible for the patient in the profession of nursing and the license board will help them to fulfill the requirements. Every nurse should have a license of nursing because if a nurse will be without a licensed government will not allow the nurse to work in the hospital. [ CITATION Fue20 \l 1033 ]The APRN should have a certificate of nursing it will help him/her to get the job regarding the degree. Education related to nurses is very important because there is no chance of mistakes in this field. I would not like to change this process because these regulations are created for the patient’s health and life. After all, if the doctor is not available in the hospital then this is the responsibility of the nurse to attend to that patient.[ CITATION Phi17 \l 1033 ]

American Association of Nurse Practitioners “Standards of Practice”

In this discussion paper, we have studied different things related to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. In this, the nurse practitioner will make difficult decisions with the patient and the family of patients like the decision of life end in some cases. They will also establish the pieces of evidence which show that decision was made after mutual understanding. The most important highlighting point in this discussion is the qualification of the nurse must be qualified he/she must have the education, license, and certificates regarding his/her field. The nurse should be aware of the process of care of the patient she/he should know how to diagnose the patient what decision she/he has to take in critical situations. The nurse should know how to handle the documents related to the patient. They should be aware that how to handle the mood swings of the patients.[ CITATION Eva18 \l 1033 ]

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