MKGT 753 UNH Nike Air Max Con

PRODUCT 1 – Nike – Air Max

Section 2: Product choice and Advertising Campaign Description

  • Describe the products/services and their brands. Explain why they were chosen and why they are particularly appealing and representative of your group as consumers. Think about it in terms of your group’s consumer profile (Section 1) as well as how each product/service represents the self-concepts and your personalities (e.g., CH 12).
  • Do a thorough investigation of the current advertising and promotion campaign (e.g., TV ads, Print ads, sales promotions, direct marketing, Internet sites, event marketing, etc.) for each specific product/service.
  • Summarize the campaigns and describe the primary message or theme of the each campaign and how it is communicated.
  • Compare the campaign to 1 or 2 main competitors in terms of primary message, positioning, brand image, and brand personality to show how your product differentiates itself in the marketplace. Explain why you chose these as main competitors.
  • Provide examples (video, print, etc.). Web links may be included in the test; other visuals should be included in the appendix.


Section 3: Campaign Analysis –,809956.html – Guerilla Marketing


Consumer Behavior Concepts

  • For each campaign, identify 3 different consumer behavior concepts that we covered in class that the marketers are using for the products or services.
  • Describe the concept and provide examples from the current campaigns to demonstrate.
  • Discuss why you think these concepts are effective or not for the product/service campaign.

Target Market Profiles

  • For each campaign, identify the specific target market segment to which the current campaigns are designed to appeal based on your campaign analysis and develop a one paragraph target market profile for each specific product/service.
  • Consider all relevant segmentation techniques and be as detailed as possible.
  • Include media consumed in the marketplace by the target market. Where do they come into contact with the marketing communications?
  • Again, try to think of each of these profiles as a description that a marketing executive would want to circulate to his marketing team to describe the market that they are targeting. They should be concise, direct, and descriptive.

Section 4: Group Consumer Profile and Target Market Profile Comparison

  • For each product, compare and contrast your group consumer profile (Section 1) against the target market profiles that you developed for each campaign in Section 3.
  • How are the profiles similar and how are they different? Do some group members fit better with the target market profile than others? Does this correlate with who actually owns or uses the product?
  • How effective is the campaign to the members of your group?
  • Is it more or less effective than the campaign of the primary competition? Why?
  • How could the campaign be changed or improved to more directly target the members of your group? Give some thoughtful suggestions.

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