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M5 – GM Micro-Challenge: Transport

Your manager’s memo to you is below.  In it your manager is giving you tasks to address regarding international trade.  You are not expected to be an expert, just willing and able to use the resources available to develop an accurate response.      

Your memo should start with an introduction that reminds the manager what s/he requested you to do.  Next, overview the information your manager can expect to find in your memo.  After that, respond to each topic you were requested to address in sequence.  For each topic, your response should clearly state the question(s) you understood you were to address.  Then give a written response to the question that summarizes the source information.  Your written response should then be supported with (1) an image that shows the specific source information you used, and (2) a weblink to that source in case your manager wants to seek out additional information.  Note: An image does not replace your written response, it only shows the source information used.  Finally, you may choose to provide a conclusion to your memo.

You should provide info about the sources as is illustrated in the example below.  Screen clip an image of each source and include it.  That image should show the name of YOUR COUNTRY.  Also include the weblink for that source.  

To: You

From: Your Manager

Date: Sept 5, 2021

Subject: Transport

Some clients that participated in the trade mission for which you provided the research were pleased to encounter some potential buyers.  They wanted to get some details associated with shipping their goods.  They have contacted your organization for help.         

Consider each subject, examine sources, and provide a brief response. Screen clip and include an image of your source material.  That image should show the name of YOUR COUNTRY/YOUR STATE and the exact information that supports your response.  If you cannot find the exact information, use a port very close by to get a rough idea.          

Some potential sources you might find helpful are provided.   

1. If the company exports a 40′ standard Full Load Container (FCL) of goods, about how long will it take by sea to get from the US maritime port nearest YOUR STATE to the foreign maritime port nearest to the capital of the first country you recommended?       

A. Identify the two relevant maritime ports.  The World Port Source website HERE (Links to an external site.) may help.  As the sale has not been finalized, use a broad time frame for shipping – something within the next six weeks.  (Use the Ship Schedules tool available at SeaRates HERE (Links to an external site.).)  Use an average transit time in days.  

2. For two of the shipping lines available, describe the other support services they offer in addition to shipping?      

A. The Ship Schedules tool will provide you with the abbreviation for shipping lines companies.  Visit their websites and determine what additional services are available from them.    

3. A rough cost for ocean freight would be helpful.  Try to get an estimate of the current market rate in US dollars.      

A. Using the two relevant maritime ports and the containerized shipping option, try to get the current market rate between these two ports.  (Use the Freight Calculator tool available at World Freight Rates HERE (Links to an external site.).)  Use an average transit time in days.  Note: If this does not work, skip this step – other websites want a user to register to get info.

4. Identify a secure, bonded warehouse at or near that foreign maritime port that can be used until the importer picks up the container.     

A. Visit the website for that foreign maritime port or that port city and determine what secure, bonded warehousing options are available.        

5. Repeat steps 1. to 4. for a second product from YOUR STATE to the foreign maritime port nearest to the capital of the second country you recommended.   

6. View the ship traffic around these two ports.  Which one is busier?

A. Visit, the maritime website monitoring ship traffic HERE (Links to an external site.). Compare the bodies of water (i.e., strait, canal, gulf, bay, sea, etc.) that are nearest each of these two foreign maritime ports you mentioned above. Each of those colored shapes is a specific ship.  Which port has denser ship traffic around it?  Explain why you think there is a difference.  Does that difference impact your interest in exporting to either of these two countries?  

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