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Review the overall purpose and approach to Design Your Own Plan (DYOP) for completing your undergraduate education contained in the following document. Hopefully, you’re committed to an engineering career, but even if you choose to major in another area, having a well-developed plan will prove to be of immense value in achieving your goals.

Prepare the second section of your DYOP (Design Your Own Plan), which covers COMMUNITY BUILDING. Be sure to utilize the information contained in Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering, other course assignments, and class discussions. Cite references as appropriate.

You should approach this project by evaluating where a “world-class” Engineering Champion for Christ would be for each of the topics addressed and what you are implementing to achieve this goal. The method involves 1) understanding what the research says is effective, 2) evaluating your current performance/practices against the research, 3) identifying areas for improvement based on the evaluation, 4) developing a plan for closing the gap, and 5) implementing the plan. Be sure to consider how you’re going to stay accountable.

Your submission should be a minimum of three pages in length, double spaced, with one-inch margins. Start early, make steady progress, use the resources at your disposal, and submit on time to receive full credit!

Your COMMUNITY BUILDING paper should include learning/observations/research from the following:

  • Interview two people (not the same people as in previous papers) as part of the research for this assignment. In your discussion you should talk about their involvement in the engineering community, competition teams, professional organizations, and how to be successful in the engineering program. Your interviewees should include practicing engineers, junior/senior level engineering students, engineering lab techs, freshman mentors, engineering faculty, or engineering professional advisors.
  • Review section 3.3 of Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering and reflect on the idea of teamwork. Think of a team you have been a part of … did the team exhibit the attributes discussed in the text? How did that affect the success of the team? Do you feel as though you could help bring some or all of these attributes to any team you are a part of in the future? In what ways? Which attributes do you think are most important? Why? Summarize your thoughts.
  • Review common traits of good engineers in section 1.3 of Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering. In which attributes are you strongest? Weakest? What can you do to improve in the areas that need the most improvement? Summarize your thoughts.
  • Research the student clubs, competition teams, and professional organizations available to engineering students at Liberty. In what ways do participation in these groups contribute to your success in achieving your goals?
  • Review budgeting your time in section 2.2 of Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering. Describe your current time and priority management method. Be specific about how you plan your work and work your plan, including what tools you use, how you prioritize your work, how you divide up your big projects into manageable pieces, and how you ensure things get done on time. How did you arrive at your current method (i.e., other methods have you tried, what seems to work best for you)? How can you improve in this critically important area?

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