MRKT 310 UMGC Marketing Strat

TWO topics are required for Week 8. Choose any TWO. Include at least two (2) references from learning material or outside sources. Reply to least two (2) classmate posts.

TOPIC 1: . Digital Marketing

For this topic we will discuss a recent case where the Kellogg company launched a digital campaign to capitalize on (unpaid) product promotion for Eggos in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Read the case and then address these questions in your response:

  1. What benefits did Eggo see from collaborating with Netflix? Are there any potential downsides to such a collaboration?
  2. What is the likely connection between authenticity and nostalgia in the success of this case? Are these factors alone sufficient for a successful marketing campaign?
  3. Social media and sales data indicate that interest in Eggo dropped when Stranger Things had not recently aired a season. What can Eggo do to capitalize on renewed interest in the brand year-round?
  4. What are some best practices or lessons for both digital marketing and product placement that can be derived from this case?

O’Donnell, R. & Huntington, H. E., (2020). Stranger things have happened: Digital marketing lessons from the Eggo–Netflix collaboration. In SAGE Business Cases. 2020. 10.4135/9781529717099

TOPIC 2: Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Personal Application

You might remember Joy Mead, associate director of marketing at Procter & Gamble, when she spoke about consumer behavior. Listen to this clip to hear Mead talk about the research techniques and methods Procter & Gamble uses to develop consumer insight. You will learn that the company isn’t just interested in what consumers want now but also years into the future.

Primary marketing research is generally used when all other options for gathering marketing data have been exhausted. It is very expensive, and sometimes the research itself is flawed in its design.

One of the areas of primary marketing research we are all familiar with is the customer satisfaction survey. Even this supposedly simple type of survey is difficult to design to elicit the most accurate responses from customers. Let’s get a little experience in question design.

Go to Click on “Solutions,” then “Customer Satisfaction,” then on the Customer Satisfaction Survey Template, click “Preview.” On the right side, click on “Surveys 101.” (You should not have to sign up for an account to access this information.)

Scroll through the tutorial on survey design, paying special attention to the section on “How to Design a Survey.”

Create one question you would ask customers of the brand you are profiling for your writing assignments for the purposes of measuring customer satisfaction. The question type can be multiple choice, comment/essay, rating scale—your choice based on the objective of the question.

Give a few brief comments as to why you felt this question was an important measurement of customer satisfaction and why you chose the particular question format.

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