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(HipHop in Morocco)Possible Writing Prompts:While the film I Love Hiphop in Morocco is film is a bit dated at over ten years old, its case study still provides much for us to consider. If, as author Mark Levine contends, “hiphop has become the music of the age of globalization,” (2008:42) is this a positive or negative phenomenon as far as Morocco is concerned? Can hiphop cease to be “American” or “African American” and belong to all the world’s musicians? Do Moroccan deejays and rappers risk losing their identity to an American music style, or do they use “the music of the age of globalization” to forge new modern Moroccan identities? Is Moroccan rap a derivative copy of a foreign (American) original for youth who want to be hip, or is Moroccan hiphop a case of a local appropriation of a global rhythm? What does Moroccan hiphopsay both about Morocco and hiphop in general or American hiphop in particular? What did you find most surprising or interesting about hiphop in Morocco?

Essay Assignment: Using Levine’s examples of globalization having both positive and negative potential, describe your opinions regarding the phenomenon of hiphop in Morocco based upon the film I Love Hip Hop in Morocco.Students may choose to view hiphop in Morocco positively, negatively, or both. The important thing to do to fulfill the assignment is to 1) evaluate Moroccan hiphop(positive, negative, mixed) and then 2) support your opinion through examples from the film (and/or ideas from the reading assignment), as well as your own experiences, knowledge, and preferences.Importantly, this is a reflection and opinion paper, not a research paper. There is no single correct answer here, but move beyond merely saying you like or don’t like something to explain why.If, in the end, you feel ambivalent about hiphop in Morocco, that’s fine, but explain your ambivalence and demonstrate an awareness of positive or negative view points of the subject as expressed by the people in the film or the reading assignment’s author. Use any of the questions raised in the writing prompt above as a point of departure. But please do not feel pressured to answer all of the prompts or questions; the assignment is too brief to do that.Rather, view the above prompts and questions asa menu from which you can choose ideas that you wish to discuss.There are additional and more recent news stories about arrest and censorship of musicians in Morocco in the module contentsyou may refer to these stories if you wish, but they are optional.The assignment is worth 40points. You will be graded on content (20points), and writing(20points).

Do write in complete sentences, with clear, solid prose. You may write in the first or third person. Feel free to write personally, but not informally (i.e., avoid overly casual language, slang, profanity, etc.). Introduce and conclude your essay(introduction and conclusion sentence)If you refer to class readings or topics, do so very briefly but please do not summarize readings; the writing assignment is about your reaction to the topic and is too brief for content summary. You may use the reading for examples, but the examples should only support your ideas/opinions. All ideas and quotations that are not your own must be properly cited to follow standard academic procedure and avoid breaches of the Honor Code(you may any citation style as long as you are consistent in its application). It is not a requirement of the assignment that you include outside sources, but any sources that you do use must be cited. Please do not go over the word limit by more than 25%.

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