NAU Force and Newtons Laws of

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Essay Assignment:

Develop an essay that explores the three most important concepts from this lesson. There’s no one right or wrong answer to this! You can select those concepts based on your impression of the lesson and what you found to be most interesting. However, you must (a) explain each of those concepts in your own words, (b) explain how those concepts are relevant in everyday life, and (c) organize those concepts in order of importance. Include an explanation of why you think each concept is important.

You also need to demonstrate a strong understanding of your selected concepts. Be sure to support your ideas with specific examples, explanations, and relevant facts/information from the lesson.

Note: You are welcome to write your response in the first person. The response should be formatted as a multi-paragraph essay with attention to essay structure, grammar mechanics, and APA formatting. Include an introduction, a conclusion, and 3-4 body paragraphs. Include in-text citations and a reference list (at least two of your references should come from the lesson materials).

(Essentially pick three interesting concepts from the readings below and draft a 5-6 paragraph essay.)


An Introduction to Motion, Force, and Newton’s Laws

Elements, Atoms, Ions, and Matter

An Introduction to Waves and Sound

Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Behavior of Light



Magnetism and Electromagnetism

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