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Discussion Assignment 4

In Week 1 of the course, you
introduced yourself to the class. In this week’s discussion post you are
going to reintroduce yourself to the class from the perspective of who
you are in your community. Many of our readings have directly and
indirectly focused on being good listeners, listening to the people who
make up the community. This exercise is designed to help apply these
ideas to yourself.


For this week’s second discussion question, you are to post who
you are in the context of a community. For other discussions, we have
focused on a written response. With this response, you may find it
helpful to include pictures, video, or a combination of the two to help
tell the story of you in a community. Please notice that there are two
parts of this post, the community part and the “you” part, leaving one
out tells only part of the story.

Discussion Assignment Words Limit: 300 Words
Peer Response word limit: 200 words for each Student Post

* don’t forget to include citations for both the Discussion assignment and peer responses

Cafe Momentum Assessment Plan

File Week 4 Case Based Assessment Rubric.pdf

Week 4 Case Based Assessment Rubric.pdf – Alternative Formats

(136.026 KB)

Assignment: In Week 2,
we were introduced to Café Momentum. This assignment uses Café Momentum
as a case study and a way of understanding some of the concepts related
to data assessment. The presentation about Café Momentum can be found by
clicking on this link.


For this assignment, you will be answering four questions in the
Week 4 Case Based Assignment

Week 4 Case Based Assignment – Alternative Formats

using course materials and/or outside research and applying what you
learn to Café Momentum. Later in the course, you will apply these ideas
to your own Community Need Project.


See the attached rubric for grading guidelines.

cafe momentum presentation:…

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