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Choose a topic that you are passionate about and can continue to work on throughout the ENTIRE semester. Students may seek approval on the same topic used in another course, but it is not guaranteed that approval for one course may be automatically approved in this course as the focus and requirements are unique to 608. All topics must be approved for this course. If you have previously taken this course or are asking for approval on a topic used in another course, all ideas must be new. You are not permitted to re-use past work for this course or any other course.

Why must I get my topic approved? You will be building on your topic by finding evidence in the form of: guidelines or practice recommendation statements, quantitative (specifically 1 quantitative single study; 1 quantitative Meta-analysis or systematic review) and qualitative (specificially 1 qualitative single study and 1 qualitative *meta-synthesis) studies. If you only have a few results in your search-you may struggle throughout the course. 

*you may also try searching for a meta-ethnography, meta-study, meta-summary, critical interpretive synthesis, thematic synthesis, systematic review, instead of a meta-synthesis.

Directions: Clearly state the following in the discussion area for approval and use this format: 

1.Clearly identify the problem you are interested in and why it is important to your role as an Advanced Practice Nurse or in Advanced Nursing Practice , the facility, unit or population you serve. (1-3 sentences) 

2. State the title (only) of the Evidence Based or Clinical Practice Guideline or Position Statement (vetted by an agency or organization and not opinion based) to support the topic you are interested in by providing the title. Faculty will NOT pre-approve your guideline, but this step serves as a way for you to ensure that a guideline exists for your proposed POI (see examples below of clinical practice guidelines and evidence based practice guidelines and position statements to ensure you are correclty identifying one). State the title of what you found. 

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