OC Health Issue in Men Discus

Introduction and Background

Introduce your men’s health issue.   Why is it important? How does it affect men’s health? Discuss your review of   a minimum of one article that supports this as a legitimate issue that we   should care about. Provide brief background on the issue. Address the   significance of this issue. What are the implications of this issue and how   it might influence men’s health and why do you think this topic is important   to addressing men’s health. Provide any evidence of gender gap relevant to   this health issue. Discuss social determinants of health relevant to your   issue.



Literature Review

Discuss how you searched for your   reference article/guidelines/etc. Which databases did you use? How did you   select only these articles? Summarize your findings in relation to the health   issue. You want this section to examine solutions to your issue in terms of   valid research, clinical practice guidelines, or other evidence-based   writings. Identify gap or recurrent themes during your literature review.   Provide analysis and synthesis section of your literature review.



Nursing & Cultural   Implications.

Health Promotion Strategies 

Discuss the implications of your   topic for nursing education, practice, research, and health/public   policy.Discuss cultural difference   and implications about your health issue. Identify health promotion   strategies and preventive measures to promote your health issue. Try to be   creative in your health promotion strategies; you might want to talk about   developing a short video, a brochure, or a community service plan, etc.




Briefly summarize your issue,   reiterate your significance, findings, and solutions. What did you learn   through this exercise? Is this something that you can use in your nursing   practice? If so, how would you use it? Provide some reflections or insights.




The correct number of references   are cited. References are up to date. References directly address health   issue. At least one reference is a research study. All references are at   professional level. All citations in text have an associated reference.




The language used in the paper is   grammatically correct throughout. Punctuation is correct throughout.   Professional-level language is used. Spelling is correct throughout.



APA format throughout

Spacing, punctuation, citations in   text, references, margins, capitalization, and headings are all in APA format   throughout the paper. Title page, references and appendices do not count   toward 5-page limit. Double space text.

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