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This purpose of this assignment is to remind you to complete your two Coronavirus in California Fact Sheet peer reviews this week, and I am also using it as a placeholder to be able to give you credit for those reviews. You do not need to submit anything here.

You can access the Peer Review area through your To Do list:

Or through your Coronavirus in California Fact Sheet – Text and Graph Only assignment submission area:

Please review the assignment directions and the rubric first and then give written comments. Choose at least two of the prompts below to formulate your comments for each of your peers.

  • What are two things you think they communicated in their fact sheet really well?
  • What is one place they used a source or the data in their fact sheet that worked really well?
  • What is one place they might be able to strengthen their fact sheet by making better or different use of a source or the data?
  • Make one or two general suggestions for how they could strengthen their fact sheet. This could be to add material, reorganize a paragraph or sentence, clarify language, or make any other changes to increase clarity.
  • Suggest corrections to any grammatical issues in the text or formatting issues with the graph.


Be aware that if you submitted your fact sheet late, the automatic process that takes place to assign peer reviews can fail. If you do not see your Assigned Peer Reviews, contact me ASAP.

In order to complete the peer review, you will need to leave written comments as well as complete the rubric! If you have a caution sign icon, this indicates that the peer review has not been completed. A checkmark icon, indicates that you have completed the peer review.

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