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When we infer things, we reach conclusions based on the use of evidence and reason. Not all of our inferences are correct, of course, but they tend to be correct more often than not. Because it is frequently more difficult to find situations that are purely deductive, we tend to use inductive reasoning and inference much more often, even knowing that it can sometimes lead to incorrect conclusions.

Initial Post:

  1. Consider a time when you used inference (evidence and reason) to solve a problem.
  2. Define the problem that you were experiencing.
  3. What sort of evidence did you use to solve the problem? Explain your reasoning to the solution you came to.
  4. Did your solution work? Were your inferences correct, or did they need to be modified? Why or why not?

Reply posts:

Select two of your peers’ posts. Assess the evidence they used and their reasoning to the conclusion. Does the evidence lead you to a different conclusion? If so, why? If not, what evidence would lead you to a different inference?

Post 1

A time I used inference to solve a problem was when I was bartending back in my hometown. Part of my job was to make sure my customers didn’t get overserved, as well as to not drive home drunk. One particular night an high school class mate of mine was in their drinking his feelings away I started noticing he was getting way to tipsy. The evidence I had was the fact that he’s had 5 drinks since my shift started at 7 and it is only 9. Other evidence was his demeanor as well his body language. So I cut him off offered coffee or water and when he asked for more secretly gave him a shot of “vodka” but it was water. My solution however did not work as he was so far gone he accidently took a swig out of his spit bottle from his chew almost barfed on the counter and then leaned back in his chair which then fell all the way over. I was able to help him up lay a cold wash cloth on his face to wake him up and check him over make sure he was fine then find him a ride home. My inferences were very correct. Except I should have noticed sooner. 

Post 2

Just today I was attempting to take my daughter for a ride on her four wheeler. The key has been replaced with a switch in order to bypass the factory governor. To start it, you flip the switch back and forth while pushing the start button. When doing this today, the four wheeler wouldn’t start. Initially, I thought it wouldn’t start because it was in gear. When I put it in neutral, it still wouldn’t start. After a few more attempts to start it, I checked the gas tank only to find it empty. This was strange because I just filled it up yesterday. I assumed the tank had a leak. After filling up the tank a second time, I decided to not ride the four wheeler but instead observe the gas tank. After 30 minutes, a quarter of the gas I just put in was no longer there. I inspected the rest of the tank after that and found a gas line had become disconnecting, proving my initial thought of a leak. 

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