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The infant/toddler period is a critical time for the development of fundamental motor skills.  The adult who works with young children should be alert to each child’s developmental progress to assess how well they are doing.  Young children need to be engaged in informal teacher-planned and teacher-directed motor activities to ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop fundamental skills.  Teachers of infants and toddlers especially need to be skilled at identifying materials that enhance children’s motor skills and assess the development of those skills.


Using the Early Childhood Catalogs linked below, research and identify various fine and gross motor materials that support infant/toddler motor development.  

Note: Use the same age group as you did for Assignment 3 and Assignment 4 and consider age appropriateness when selecting materials.  

Create a well-organized list with 10 fine motor and a minimum of 10 gross motor materials.  Include the following information for each item on your list:

Company Name

Item name, number, and price per unit

  1. A brief description of how you will incorporate this material into your classroom to support children’s motor development.

Below is an example of how to format your assignment:

Age Group: Older Toddlers (18-24 months)

  • Fine Motor Materials:

1.  Giant Star Builders

Lakeshore Learning Company

  1. Item #LA847; $39.99 each

This set of 30 large stars comes in various colors and can fit together from any angle, making them perfect for toddlers to develop their fine motor control, identify colors, and building self-confidence.  I would place this item in the manipulatives center for daily use in the classroom.

2.  …continue list…

Early Childhood Catalogs:

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Discount School Supply

School Specialty

Constructive Play Things

Lakeshore Learning


  • Put your name, course and section number, and date at the top left of the document.
  • Title your paper using: Supporting Children’s Motor Development

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