Policing in Law Enforcement D

Discuss police relations in your city. Why does the public expect police officers to be held to a higher standard? Describe some unethical behavior that exists within law enforcement and how this behavior should be addressed.

Police relations in Jacksonville, Florida are so-so to me. I say that because we don’t have a lot of officers who actually get involved with the community. Most of the time all the JSO officers that I have seen are always mounted. What’s wrong with dismounting sometime and just giving a simple hey and shake a few hands. What they don’t know is in communities of poverty in Jacksonville that’s all some people need to get that trust that they ask for. Creating small talk in certain areas will get you a long way. From my experience in law enforcement when people see your face on a consistent bases, eventually they’re going to talk to you because they want to know what’s up with you always being around. That’s how relationships are started. It doesn’t always have to be about drinking on the corner or them smoking a joint here and there. Another big think I haven’t seen in Jacksonville is interaction with the kids. That’s where things should start. In order to change a community, it start with the children. If a child can see that you aren’t there to cause anybody harm or be violent they instill their trust in you. It use to be a time where kids called policemen and women officer friendly. At least when I was coming up. You don’t have that type of interaction no more. Kids I’ve seen in my community fear police. For example cars in the so called ghetto pullover here and there to “holla” at their friends and family. Yes it is impeding traffic but make a joke about it with the person committing the infraction and laugh it off with them. Its more of a mutual respect thing rather than just wearing that badge. One last thing, growing up everybody had that one person that weren’t related in anyway shape or form that they called “UNK” or “AUNTIE”! That was the go to person if anything happened in the neighborhood. Long story short, those were the type of people a cop could rely on for information. Its not like that anymore because of the broken system that’s in place. If we can fix that collectively inn Jacksonville the sky is the limit for us. We hold police to a higher standard because they took oath to serve and protect. They are in a profession they choose to work and already knew the dangers that came with it. Some unethical behaviors on the other hand, one of them is not having tact. Having tact can go a long way, if they carry themselves in a profession manner and have confidence, the outcome with their interaction with the public would be different. Yes, I personally understand that you going to have those select groups of people who is going to be defiant and out of character. That’s when you have to set the job aside for a second and interact on a personal level. When they see that even though you have a job to do, they eventually understand that we all human. https://www.sjso.org/community/relations/# (Links to an external site.)http://communityandpolice.com/

The police relationship here in Jacksonville can be better they offer some programs to invite participation with the community. Jacksonville has some community police programs such as  Citizens Police,  Academy, Citizen Ride Along, Corrections Civilian Observer Program, Crime Prevention Classes, Police Explorers Program, Sheriff’s Watch Programs,  Summer Camp Opportunities,  Teen Driver Challenge and Volunteer Opportunities for Adults and Students. The public expect the police officers to be held at a higher standard because they feel that to be hired on the police force you should have gone through an extensive background check and psychological evaluation so in the minds of civilians you should be the best of the best if you were selected. You should show no prejudice when upholding the law.Some unethical behaviors that has been in the news lately has been the officers that arrested, and man handled the elderly lady with dementia they went back to their workplace and laughed at the video and how they heard her shoulder pop out of place. Luckily for her she was able to get a monetary settlement two of the officers face criminal charges. You here stories of police officers raping, killing, planting drugs in vehicles and intimidating people they arrest. If they are caught violating the law that they swore to upheld, then they should be charged and arrested the same as if it was a regular person.https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/08/us/colorado-pol… https://www.jaxsheriff.org/Sheriffs-Office/communi…

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