Population Focused Healthcare

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Getting Started

The focus of this assignment is to introduce the concept of population-focused healthcare and identify approaches at the local, national, and global levels. Working with populations and communities will take on a new meaning as you explore the difference between individual care and a community as the recipient of care.

Upon successful completion of these activities, you will be able to:

  • Relate the concept of population-focused health to local, national, and global healthcare.


  • Textbook: Public Health Nursing: Population-centered Health Care in the Community
  • Website: CDC 10 Most Important Public Health Problems and Concerns

Background Information

Population-focused health includes approaches that are aimed at improving the health status of a defined group, and may occur at local, national, and global levels. Nurses who have traditionally been involved in caring for individual clients (patients) during times of illness may find the concept of population health to be somewhat unfamiliar. Although the approaches may be quite different from those involved in providing nursing care to an individual, you will find that population-focused practice holds the same foundational elements and applies those same tenets in caring for at-risk populations.

From the perspective of population-focused healthcare, there is a commonality that is shared with all other forms of healthcare is a health-related concern that places a group of people in an at-risk position. At-risk populations have an increased risk of developing health problems. Limited access to economic resources, age, gender and some examples which you might recognize include the elderly, pregnant teenagers, infants, migrant workers, the homeless, the underinsured, the impoverished, and so forth.

In this activity, you will explore population-focused health more closely, including specific advancements in protecting the health of the public. In addition, you will consider specific population health needs, the impact of population-focused interventions, and formal organizations that promote the health of populations locally, nationally, and globally.


  1. Review the appropriate rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Read Chapters 1 and 46 in the textbook, Public Health Nursing: Population-centered Health Care in the Community.
  3. Prepare to discuss the following prompts:
    1. Define population-focused healthcare and what that means to local populations, national populations, and global populations. Support your assertions with citations from your assigned readings.
    2. Pick one of the Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 20th century located on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.
    3. Explain why this is considered an achievement and what you see as the two pros and two cons of this achievement.
    4. Based on the readings in your textbook, identify a population health problem in your community. Explain why this is a problem and what at-risk population is affected. Discuss how population health approaches can impact this problem.
    5. Based on the readings in your textbook, discuss the differences between local, national, and global population-focused healthcare. Note at least one formal population health organization that affects each of these areas.
  4. Research and select at least two current scholarly sources to support your explanations and insights.

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