Proposal for Improving Workpl

A proposal (solution) on the business problem you have chosen and include visual elements that are appropriate and effective for your audience and purpose.

This assignment should be prepared as a Word doc or–even better–a PDF. See the samples in week 12.

Chapter 10 of our text is your resource for including clear visuals.

Chapter 13 is your resource for “writing winning proposals.”

  • There is an especially helpful “Document Design and Your Proposal” section on pages 525-526.
  • Adapt your proposal to the audience and purpose of your choice within your own field, job, or business.
  • Keep in mind that I am not your audience–I am here to help you reach the audience you choose and to assess whether your proposal effectively reaches that audience. Address your proposal to an appropriate business audience, a person or persons.
  • Depending on your audience, you may chose to set up your proposal as memo or a letter. This is the best way to make your audience clear up front, which is one of the key requirements of this assignment.
  • Feel free to be creative and to develop something that works best for you–in your chosen business context (a job you have or want to have, a business you’d like to be a part of or to own, etc.).
  • Length: take your cues about length from the examples in our text. Make it just long enough to reach your audience/achieve your purpose effectively with an appealing flow, avoiding redundancy and extra language.
  • You are welcome to imitate freely some of the samples in our text, as these are meant as models and show you the basic elements/templates for various kinds of proposals.
  • TextbookSuccessful Writing at Work, (
  • Tips and advice  A proposal is backed up by research but is not simply presenting researched information like a report for school or an article. Rather, you are pitching a plan to solve a problem—pitching it to someone in charge.    You’ll      need to use research at the beginning of your proposal (at the top) to      give a brief summary of the background of your issue. (In other words,      first prove that the problem indeed exists).  Then      use your research to lay out the solution you’re pitching. You need to      present a convincing plan for implementing the solution you have      come up with.  Your      plan and research should be presented with graphs and charts, visuals that      you introduce clearly with paragraphs that lead up to the visuals so your      reader knows what he/she is looking at and why—and identify where it came      from. (Photos and clip art do not count as business graphics.)  This      often means including a budget and stages, a step-by-step approach so your      reader knows how to get it done.  Your      proposal should be addressed to the best person(s) who could act on and      adopt your plan—a boss, director, CEO, school board, head of an      organization, etc.   Set up your proposal as memo. This is an ideal way to make your audience clear up front, which is a key requirement.   

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