PSY 211 University of Michiga

Research Proposal (100 points, Due Last Day of Class by 11:59 PM)

Overview: This project will require you to read at least three journal articles, develop an experimental hypothesis based on those articles, devise a hypothetical experiment for testing the hypothesis, propose an appropriate statistical experiment for hypothetical data, and discuss your predicted results. This will culminate in a final proposal paper in APA format. The paper will include a description of the previous research leading up to your experimental hypothesis, the procedures you chose to test your hypothesis, and the proposed analysis and interpretation of your data related to your proposed experiment. You will not actually be conducting an experiment; you are simply writing about what you would do if you were to conduct an experiment.

Details: You will write a paper about your research proposal of a psychological experiment. Using the psychology literature you will develop an understanding of some psychological problem or question and design a hypothetical experiment that will shed light on the problem/question. You must have a minimum of three peer-reviewed scholarly research articles or chapters from edited books for your literature review. Although you may use articles/chapters that are available on the web, web sites are generally not scholarly sources. Nevertheless, there may be documents available through a research institute or academic institution available on the web that have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. If you think there is a source on the web that you would like to use, you need to have it approved by me prior to using it as an additional source for your paper. The proposal should be in APA format using one-inch margins and 12-point font. Tips on APA guidelines will be presented for the class.

The paper will include the following:

a)Title & Abstract: Title no longer than 12 words; abstract will be 120-250 words, summarizing your entire paper and project.

b)Introduction: Your opening paragraphs will describe the proposal topic and explain why it is important and any questions or problems involved. A well-written thesis statement will help guide your paper.

c)Literature Review: Describe the three research studies about your topic. What were their findings? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the research conducted? How will your study answer a new question or fill an important gap based on this research?

d)Hypothesis or Hypotheses: What do you propose will happen in your hypothetical experiment? What information will you find out? What do you predict will happen?

e)Methods: Includes a detailed description of your hypothetical participants, procedures (including population and sampling procedures), and materials. Remember to operationalize your variables and explain how you will control for extraneous factors and sampling errors. You will also need to include your proposed data analysis, describing what statistical method you will use to analyze your data.

f)Results: Describe the predicted results of your study based on the statistical method you selected.

g)Discussion: Briefly summarize your hypothetical findings. Include the strengths and limitations of your study. What are the research or practical implications of your findings? What are the practical applications of the research you discovered? Can you recommend anything for people working with your constructs based on the research you discovered? What biases might have been involved?

h)References: List all your references in APA format.

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