PSYC 202 Psychology Worksheet

  1. There was a theory that you could measure intelligence by measuring head size, the theory being that bigger heads had bigger brain. To measure head size a string would be wrapped around a person’s head just above the ear. The length of the string would then be determined. This theory has been proven wrong.
  1. Based on the reading passage, is this a reliable measure of intelligence? Why do you say that?
  1. Based on the reading passage, is this a valid measure of intelligence? Why do you say that?
  1. Mary wants to conduct a study to determine whether men interrupt women more than they do other men when they are working together to solve a problem. However, she intends to tell the participants that the purpose of the study is to test out a new way of explaining how to solve the problem. If you were on the Internal Review Board at NEIU and you were reviewing this study to make sure it complies with ethical guidelines, would you allow Marty to conduct the study in the way described? Focus only on the ethical principles. Why or why not? Make sure you mention the relevant ethical concept in your response.
  1. Rewrite the questions below in a way that eliminates the issues with them. You don’t have to name the issue, just rewrite the question. Rewriting might include adding new information, eliminating some information, or simply rewording or reformatting the information that is there.
  1. Many people believe Candidate Howard might be too inexperienced to be an effective Governor. What do you think are the main strengths and weaknesses of Candidate Howard as a possible Governor?
  1. Approximately how many days in the last week did you communicate directly with any of your grandparents by texting, calling, or talking to them either in person or remotely?
  1. [You can assume this question is being asked only of students who are taking PSYC 202 in a classroom].

How satisfied are you with the size of the classroom and the lighting in your PSYC 202 classroom?

  1. You are conducting research that involves the concept of socioeconomic status.
    1. How will you conceptualize socioeconomic status? You can use other resources in this answer, just as you would if you were conducting this research in real life.
  1. Based on your conceptualization of socioeconomic status, how will you operationalize it? Assume you are conducting survey research. You don’t have to work out the exact wording of your question, but you should give me a sense of all the information you will gather to determine somebody’s socioeconomic status.

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