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You are a Microsoft Office 365 consultant. As the result of marketing materials you sent to them in the mail, they have contacted you for a proposal to migrate their IT infrastructure into the cloud. ACME Insurance Inc. is a small local insurance business that has 50 employees.



You have conducted an audit of their IT infrastructure, and discovered the following.





Charter Internet


Outside plant is fiber-optic. Current minimum SLA bandwidth is 300 Mb/s, with option to upgrade to 1Gb/s.

Windows Server 2012


Server is 10 years old, migrate entire server to the cloud. This will require 2TB of data storage for shared files that contain miscellaneous data on the server. Once the server is migrated all active directory authentication will need to take place using Federated SSO.

Exchange 2010 Server


Migrate entire exchange system to the cloud.



Active directory will be migrated to the cloud, user and computer accounts will be affected.

Proprietary Insurance Customer and Insurance Policy Processing Relations Database Programs


Proprietary Insurance programs will require an additional 5TB of data storage running on 5 instances of SQL 2012 server.

Phone system


Traditional PBX phone system with 4 line service, 800 and local mainline phone number, 50 DID numbers, 1 fax line. The current telecom provider is CenturyLink

Additional notes:

The customer would like to upgrade their phone system at the same time that the IT infrastructure is migrated to the cloud. They would like the phone system to include a hosted VoIP solution through Office 365 that supports the following features:

  • PSTN conferencing
  • Cloud PBX for cloud-based call management
  • PSTN calling

The customer requires a solution that would enable them to videoconference with customers.

The customer currently has five different file shares hosted on the local server. Customers, Documents, Financial, Sales, UserFolders

They would like these migrated to SharePoint

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