RIC Effects of Traumatic Birt

Students must complete each of the following sections:

  1. Introduction
    1. Statement of Problem
      • This is usually one or two paragraphs and informs the reader of the problem, the scope of the problem, the significance of the problem (complications, negative outcomes, etc.), how the problem originated (article you read or clinical practice, etc.), and the significance of the problem to nursing.
    2. Background and Significance of Problem
      • This section takes each of the major points you made in the statement of the problem and expands on them. Statements in this section need to be referenced.
    3. Justification (includes a statement that really brings the issue home)
    4. Possible questions you might be answering in conducting a review of the literature and evidence
    5. Note: This section should not exceed one page.
  2. Review of the Evidence
    1. Introduction to the ROE
      • This should tell the reader what databases you searched, the search terms you used, what types of information you are including, and the order in which you are going to present the data.
    2. Review the relevant articles. Synthesize the findings for the reader.
    3. Review standards of practice, practice guidelines, patient data as appropriate.
  3. Analysis
    1. Summarize your appraisal of the evidence, the gaps in the evidence (if any), and the course you would take given what you have found.
    2. If further research is recommended, what would be your research question?
    3. If you were to move forward with this project, which EBP model would you work with? Briefly describe your next steps based on the model.
  4. Discussion
    1. The discussion section develops a plan to implement the best practice with the support of the literature.
  5. References and Grammar

Note: Length of paper should not exceed 15 pages, including references.

General points to remember in writing your paper:

  • Every paragraph should have an introductory sentence and a concluding sentence.
  • When reviewing evidence, you should introduce the evidence with a description of what you found, and then you should provide the data to support your introductory sentence.
  • There should be a smooth transition between each paragraph and each section of your paper. Headings may be helpful in making these smooth transitions. You must use APA heading styles.
  • Do not use the first person (I, we, etc.).
  • Have someone else read your paper for clarity and logical flow.
  • APA format is a requirement.

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