RSCC Star Trek into Darkness

part 1:
humanities types- comparision / contrast activity

Now that you know a bit about the types of humanities, it’s time for us to practice comparing and contrasting. When we compare and contrast two things, we examine how they are similar and how they are different based on a particular focus.

For example, if we were comparing and contrasting current films, we might consider elements such as Acting, Directing, Cinematography, Special Effects, etc. We could then break down each of those elements further, if we wanted.

Watch these film clips — as you do, think about all the elements that affect their appearance (special effects, lighting, color choices, etc.)

watch the two videos that i attached the link in the word doc then

Now, write a brief (200-word+) Comparison/Contrast of the appearance in these segment of the movies. A good comparison/contrast will use the elements to focus discussion on the parts (here, special effects, lighting, color choices, etc.) that work together to create the whole (appearance).

A good approach to this comparison/contrast would be:

  • Start with one move and discuss its appearance and the factors that create it
  • Do the same with the second movie
  • Then compare and contrast them — how are they the same and how are they difference? What different effect does this create? etc.
  • You can conclude with an overall summation of your comparison/contrastComparison/Contrast Activity
    Comparison/Contrast Activity
    Criteria Ratings Pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFocus
    5 pts 3 pts 0 pts
    5 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDevelopment
    5 pts 3 pts 0 pts
    5 pts
    Total Points: 10

part 2: your connections to the humanities:

Now that you have learned a bit about the humanities, I’d like you to think about your connection to the humanities. Every person is a unique blend of cultural, familial, and group influences, so each person probably feels a different connection to the humanities.

For this discussion board activity, I’d like you to write a 100+ word post about the humanity that you feel most connected to (not necessarily the one that you like the most) and what factors make you feel connected to it. You might talk about the importance of that humanity in your culture, in your family, etc.

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