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Review the HematologyCaseStudy-1.docx

Create a list of three to five differential diagnosis (or you may develop a VINDICATE differential list) based on the patient’s presentation, HPI, and PE.

Explain, for each differential diagnosis, what in the presentation, HPI, or PE led to your decision to select the differential diagnosis that you chose.

Select the most likely diagnosis you think the patient could have and select a second possible diagnosis.

Create a pathophysiology flow chart (you may use either an image format or written words). In that flow chart compare and contrast these two diagnoses documenting how the two diagnoses are similar in looking at their symptoms, physical examination and labs, and document how the two diagnoses are different.

Also answer these additional questions:

Analyze and write a brief paragraph or list indicating what your differential diagnoses list could include (list all other possible diagnoses) if your patient is (1) 79 years old or if the patient were (2) a 25 year old patient who is pregnant. Use evidence based information with citations to support your answers.

Save your flow chart to a file type that can be opened and viewed by your course instructor, that links the case patient’s symptom presentation and your chosen diagnosis.

DO NOT CUT AND PASTE YOUR ANSWERS FOR ANY ASSIGNMENT IN THIS COURSE. Paraphrase your answers and use citations for your resources. Here is a resource for paraphrasing properly:

Use evidence based references for your answers with citations.

List your references using APA format for this assignment.

Refer to the Concept Mapping PowerPoint as a reminder of understanding the principles of concept maps for creating your flowchart if you choose to use images.

Review this free YouTube video to learn how to make concept maps:

Note: For examples of concept (mind) maps created using, and assistance with creating your own, visit the Common Questions and Support Documentation page at

Go to this YouTube page to learn how to learn how to do a basic flowchart using the free software bubbl.usat either: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

There are many free tools to make concept maps . Other software tools include: (Links to an external site.)

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