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Based on the evidence available to you, which of the Four Freedoms had the greatest impact on American society during World War II? Why? Explain.

Franklin Roosevelt in his January 6, 1941, address, called for sustained aid to Great Britain and increased domestic production of industrial jobs. President Roosevelt stated that by assisting Britain, the United States was fighting for the universal freedoms that all people deserved. As America joined the war, these “four freedoms” – freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear – exemplified America’s war objectives and provided hope to a war-wearied populace in the following years, knowing they were fighting for liberty (Roosevelt, FFE)

Freedom from fear had the most significant impact on the Americans. Americans were uneasy, they had witnessed a series of events that were a threat to peace and harmony. No one should ever be afraid of their administration, its military, undemocratic enforcement, or even their neighborhood, according to the concept of freedom from fear. The fact that the government had channeled heavy resources on securing military equipment to maintain protect its citizens meant everything to the citizens. They were enlightened by the president’s speech that they had the right to be protected from war and other peace-threatening movements.

The Americans at that point had been battling the fear of the unknown. The president encouraged his citizens by assuring them that they had to conquer fear to recognize what they truly need moving forward. It was a dark period in history, with the world facing unparalleled jeopardy, instability, and war. Much of Europe had fallen to the Nazis, and the United Kingdom was barely surviving. A sizable portion of the American population remained dedicated to protectionism and the notion that the US should stay impartial in the conflict. President Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized Britain’s critical need for American assistance and endeavored to persuade the Americans to help their closest ally.

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  • Please cite each of your sources using a simple parenthetical citation form, including author’s last name, abbreviated title, and page. E.g.: (Davidson and Lytle, ‘View from the Bottom Rail,’ 275), or (D&L, ‘VftBR,’ 275).
  • Responses must be at least 100 words in length. Please use full sentences. (1pt for format criteria – see Grading Rubric and Abbreviations)
  • file:///Users/hozanabdi/Downloads/FDR%20Four%20Freedoms%20Jan%206%201941%20excerpt-1.pdf

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