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There are 5 required changes to an existing project as per the reviewer feedback that must addressed which are as follows: 

1) Stickies are sorted into related groups.

Duplicate stickies from the student deck should also go into the same group.

Good attempt. The task helps you to classify the stickies into themes and groups. You are required to use the stickies you created in the slide and the existing ones in this task. Then come up with groups from stickies that have commonality and themes that are aligned towards goals.

2) Selected theme directly aligns with business opportunity and objective.

The data on this slide depends on the themes you decide in the immediate previous slide. You are tasked to select one of those themes and provide a rationale why that slide was selected.

Make sure that your rationale is tied to business opportunity and objective.


  • includes at least 7 frames that progress in a logical order and included all the steps the user goes through to solve their problem / need
    • The first frame should start outside of software and set context around what problem/need the user has and why
    • The last frame should end outside of software and show the resolution, as well as the impact on the user
  • At least 4 frames should be related to the digital experience
  • Each frame should have a narrative that explains what the user is doing and when.


should include at least 6 screens

Prototype should feel realistic

Can leverage UI elements from Apple & GoogleText 

makes sense from a user perspective

All screens flow correctly, forward and backward (if applicable)

Please attach the correct link to the prototype. The existing link directs to a PDF file with storyboarding content.

Ensure that the prototype meets the rubrik criteria.


  • Detailed requirements added for the feature narrative section of the PRD
  • Each feature should be given a priority (P0, P1, P2, etc)
  • Requirements should be detailed enough that you can understand how the feature works and how the user interacts with the product.

This is the second project which linked to firs project which shll be share along with all related files.

This project and the previous project is based on the flowing topic:

Kaiser Permanente is looking to enter into the preventative care space to help their patient base increase physical activity and improve on healthy habits. While the overall goal is improved patient satisfaction and well being, the specific financial goal is reduced cost by emphasizing improved health prior to any adverse conditions developing. Overall, KP wants to decrease spending on conditions such as type 2 diabetes.
Your team is tasked with researching the potential costs, features and benefits of a mobile application that communicates with KP patients and helps them improve on healthy habits.

it should be like what dose it look as an app in your phone,

for example, what is the home screen looks like and what are the other screens that you will have displayed such the screen that will track your daily workouts or your Blood sugar and pressure levels or the screen that will display what is your workout plan or the screen that will display your connection with other users or screen will display the support section or the sign up screen ….

But must follow the below criteria:

Design a Prototype using Figma

  • Prototype should include at least 6 screens
  • Prototype should feel realistic
    • Can leverage UI elements from Apple & Google
  • Text makes sense from a user perspective
  • All screens flow correctly, forward and backward (if applicable) 

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Saudi Electronic University D


Quality Management 

Summer Semester (2021 – 1442)

DMAIC / Six-Sigma Project

In this assessment, the students are required to implement DMAIC / Six Sigma projects. Upon the completion of the projects, instructors should be able to test the students` understanding of major part of the course materials. 

Learning Outcome: 

1. Develop an appreciation of quality management theory, principles, and practices. 

2. Use quality improvement tools and practices for continuous improvement.

DMAIC / Six-Sigma Project

During the process of projects implementation, hypothetically for the assessment`s purposes, picture your instructor as a chief executive officer of a company at any industry of your choice. 

    In order to gain the CEO` approval for quality improvement project (Six Sigma) and compete for full project`s sponsorship, you are required to provide a detailed project information to convince the instructor – supposedly the (CEO) to choose and support your project. 

Guidance for the project proposal:

The proposal must include the following:  

1. Product or Service Information: ( 100 – 150 words) – 1 point

Select an actual Product or Service from any local/international company that you would like to improve/change, and provide the following Information:

• The product or service general information such as name, features, value to customers..ect.

• Brief history about the chosen product or service (formation, sales, previous changes). 

2. The necessity for change : ( 100 – 150 words)- 1 point

• The reasons behind the improvement decision, present no less than two reasons why you think the change is important for the product /service (Leadership, Competitors Technological advances, Training requirements, Rules and regulations, Customer demands).

3. Define Stage ( Planning) : (  200 – 300  words)- 2 points

• Define the project’s scope, goals, and objectives and its team members and sponsors ( Project charter )

• Define the current and the desired status, the project scheduling.

• Define the stakeholders affected by the project such as (employees, society, customers, stockholders, suppliers…etc)

• Identify the team you need and the members` functions that will help you throughout the project. 

• What method you plan to use for defining the project (Work Breakdown Structure, Pareto Diagrams) and why? 

4. Measure Stage: ( 100 – 150 words)- 1.5 point

• Define the new process inputs, actions and desired outputs. (Hint : Process flowchart can be used to visualize the process)

• Define measurement Systems Analysis tool, to illustrate use measurements scales such as Nominal , Ordinal , Interval , Ratio. In addition, explain the reason for use.

5. Analyze Stage: ( 100 – 150 words)- 1.5 point

• Discuss no less than two conditions that might hinder the project progression (process variation) using one of tools mentioned in chapter (15 – Analyze Stage). 

• Describe the new value delivered to the customers upon the successful implementation of the project.

6. Improve / Design stage: ( 100 – 150 words)- 1.5 point

• Present no more than two condition that can be altered to make the desired change ( cost , operation, human resource). 

• Discuss one to two techniques you plan to use to improve the efficiency of process such as lean tools, 5S …etc. 

7. Control Stage: ( 100 – 150 words)- 1.5 point

• Identify two methods that the team can use to evaluate performance after the project completion. 

• Document two to three learned lessons from the process ( This part could be connected to the overall project experience )

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Saudi Electronic University D

Not all changes are positive nor well received. Change agents need to explore how various factors can impact the change initiative and must recognize the impact that certain changes have on individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole. Due to economic turbulence, and the impact of external factors, many organizations have needed to make tough decisions throughout the past two years. Globally, we have seen companies make changes that are positive, in order to remain afloat, and also changes that have resulted in scrutiny, loss of productivity, etc.

Consider the following scenario:

Throughout 2019, until the onset of the pandemic, a large national clothing brand was performing the best it had in 20 years. Unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit, many consumers were unwilling to visit local shopping malls, which resulted in massive profit losses. The large clothing brand was no exception to this phenomenon. The majority of individuals who shop at this retailer are 45 years of age and older and have no desire to frequent the mall anytime soon.

As an external change agent for this organization, you have been asked to sit with members of the C-suite (i.e., the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Human Resource Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, and the Chief Technological Officer) and discuss the proposed change initiative. Specifically, leadership is proposing that 25% of all retail locations are closed within the next six months and that the retail organization focuses on enhancing its ePlatform, thereby resulting in increased online sales.

After meeting with members of the C-suite, you were asked to meet with 10 senior-level employees. These employees expressed their concerns and frustration about the rumors that the company was shutting down select retail locations.

Using Table 6.3, explain the consequences that might occur if the decision to shut down 25% of stores occurs. Specifically, explain likely concerns that employees will express. Then, justify the impact associated with closing 25% of stores in terms of the organization’s reputation. Finally, given the fact that the organization may experience pushback from the workforce, when shutting down 25% of stores, is it possible to please C-Suite leaders and senior employees? If so, how? If not, why? Explain and justify your rationale.

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Saudi Electronic University D

Critical Thinking Case studies:

It came to the attention of the Mr. Faisal Al Qarni, CEO of a Alqarnicompany (A small Jeddah based company) that there was a difficulty between two employees who had been working together for some time but recently appeared to have major differences that were affecting their entire department.

Two employees Amal and Haifa had been working together for a few years. They were in the same department and reported to the same departmental manager. Amal had been at the company longer and was senior to Haifa.

Mr. Faisal was being approached by both Amal and Haifa at different times. They complaint against each other about the harassment and bullying. Mr. Faisal asked HR Manager to listen their issues and try to resolve as soon as possible. HR Manager has spent increasing amounts of time speaking to them, taking notes of their points and comments, meeting with their department manager.

Haifa had felt under pressure from Amal since she joined the company. She raised the issue with her departmental manager; however, she felt that nothing had changed. Both the parties were accusing the other of bullying and harassment.

Amal had a no-nonsense approach and felt that some aspects of Haifa’s work needed improvement. She had asked for these changes in ways that she felt had been clear and fair. Haifakept going to management with the allegation of bullying by Amal.

Haifa felt her work performance had been made subject to very public comment in team meetings and she felt embarrassed and singled out. She felt she could do no right as far as Amal was concerned. She liked her job. It was close to her home so she was able to take her children to school and pick them up on her way home.

Both parties were thinking about leaving if the situation could not be worked out. They reluctantly agreed to mediation but neither wanted to change jobs.

Consider yourself as HR Manager and resolve the entire issue.

Assignment Question(s):(Marks05)

1. What are the main problem and subproblems of the case? Based on the following technique, identify the causes of problem?[Marks 2]

a. Cause of the problem- 5 Why Technique

a. Why-1

b. Why-2

c. Why-3

d. Why-4

e. Why-5

b. Develop a Cause-and-Effect Diagram

2. What information should yougather, that would be helpful to know before making a decision?[Marks 0.75]

3. Develop a mind map to generate several choices of your decision.As HR Manager, what will be your decision to resolve this issue?[Marks 1.5]

4. HR Manager may face Ethical dilemma inresolving the issue and finding solutions. What could be possible ethical issues in the above case? [Marks 0.75]

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