SC Psychology Worksheet

part 1:

Weekly research is worth 15 points and requires you to identify your own area of interest based on the current weeks readings. Use this research to extend your own learning and sharing what you have learned with the class. As you read, it will help you to note questions that come up for you; one of them may be useful for this weekly work. The question you research can be based on statistics that you read about, a historical event that is mentioned in the readings, references to books and materials that are mentioned by the various authors, and so on. In some weeks, I have intentionally chosen some older readings either as classics or to give you an opportunity to research current perspectives and issues. Number your research section #1-5 so that you don’t miss a step!

* Each week you will address these same questions:

  1. What is your question? What do you want to learn more about?
  2. Why did you choose to research this question? What from the readings, lectures or videos inspired your research topic? (research should always connect to the current topic of study)
  3. Help teach classmates by sharing what you learned through your research? What are the main ideas of what you found? (In about 1/2 page, explain what you have learned in your research- entice your classmates to click on your research link and learn more!). Do not simply copy the text from the website or article you find.
  4. In one paragraph, explain how your research specifically relates back to this class and the current topic of study besides the fact that the research has to do with anti-bias work? Challenge your own critical thinking about these topics!
  5. Include the link to where your research source can be located. Keep in mind that your research should be academic/professional. Please avoid wiki pages, blogs, .com websites, videos, and websites that have a political or other polarizing agenda, etc. Sources should be academic/professional (.org, .edu, journal articles located through library searches, and so on), do not use our textbook as a resource; work to go beyond what is already being offered and presented in this class. Library research support can be located through the student help tab in the left menu if you need additional support with research. the librarians are available to help with searches but you need to schedule appointments so plan accordingly and have fun with this; you get to learn about what you want

part 2:

Discussion Week 5: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion

Race and Religion can be heavy topics. To start, let’s address the following:

First, Considering that ultimately it will be up to you to address the issues that come up in your classroom related to this weeks topics,

  • What are you worried about and why?
  • How comfortable are you with the types of conversations, questions, behaviors and ideas that are shared about curriculum for children in this week’s readings.
  • If you have already faced a difficult conversation or incident related to this weeks topics, then please consider sharing about the situation and how it was handled (even if not by you)

Then, In looking at “The Golden Rule” handout, identify one quote from the handout that stood out to you besides the one(s) that reflect your current belief system or practices in terms of religion or faith practice. How does this handout help you understand people and/or beliefs that are different from your own? What are your initial thoughts/questions/concerns about working with children and families who believe something different from yourself?

Last, what is something from lecture that stood out to you to discuss with the class? Identify which lecture you are referring to and share your questions and/or comments.

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