SMC Meredith Levov Significan

Write a six-paragraph thesis-based essay in which you offer a character analysis of ONE of the below:

  • Seymour Levov (the Swede) or,
  • Meredith Levov (Merry) or,
  • Jerry Levov or,
  • Rita Cohen

Things that you may choose to focus might include one or two of the below. Remember, your essay needs to have a clear central focus, it should not read like a collection of separate ideas:

  • Influences that shaped the character
  • The character’s effect on others
  • How the character changes during the course of the novel
  • What motivates them to act (or not act)
  • The character’s significance to the novel and/or the other characters
  • Anything you deem relevant.


When you write a character analysis, consider the following questions:

  • Have you chosen a character who is interesting enough to serve as the focus of your essay?
  • Have you considered the character’s background, words, actions, appearance, and interactions with others?
  • Have you considered how and why the character changes — or why they fail to change?
  • Have you considered how the work would be different if the character had made different choices?
  • Have you considered how the work with be different without the character?
  • Have you considered what motivates the character to act (or not to act)?

Information on Structure

The essay should be 6 paragraphs in length:

  • Paragraph #1 = Introduction to your essay and your thesis
  • Paragraphs #2-#5 = Body paragraphs exploring and developing your argument. These paragraphs should be fully developed and should include short and relevant quotes that you integrate properly and analyze. Any short quotes that you choose should logically contribute to your argument, helping to move it forward.
  • Paragraph #6 = The conclusion

Make sure the final version of your essay has:

  • Strong introduction and conclusion.
  • Thesis statement
  • In depth analysis of the character and their place in American Pastoral (this analysis should fit logically into your wider argument.)
  • Adequate number of body paragraphs developing and supporting your position.
  • Properly integrated quotes from the novel (signal phrases; quotations; in-text references; analysis of each quote)
  • MLA in-text references for all quotations.
  • A Works Cited page (MLA format) for American Pastoral (and any additional sources you choose to use).

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