SNHU Embedding Multimedia and

Overview: Multimedia elements, including images, audio, and video, are a great way to add engaging visual content to a website. These elements allow you to bring in a wide variety of content that will energize and excite your audience. In this activity, you will add multimedia elements to your webpage to create visual interest and engagement for the user. These elements will include images, audio, and video.

Prompt: For the purposes of this exercise, you will be provided with simple HTML and CSS templates to start, and you will expand upon these templates in order to meet the objectives of the assignment.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Integrate images into the website.

II. Integrate audio/sound files into the website.

III. Integrate video files into the website.

IV. Utilize CSS3 to manipulate elements on a webpage. a) Use CSS3 to display an object with a drop shadow. b) Use CSS3 to rotate an object on the page. c) Use CSS3 to apply a background image to the webpage.

Guidelines for Submission: You must submit the zipped folder you created as a result of this activity, including all of your files for your webpage.

Site Aesthetics

Overview: The final project for this course is the creation of a website. Throughout this course, there will be key milestone activities for you to take advantage of so that have adequate time to research, analyze, and put together your website. These milestones are designed to build upon each other so that you can get started on key aspects of your final project and receive valuable feedback from your instructor for improving upon your work as you construct your website. Remember to always review your Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document for how you will be scored on your final draft submission. Note: You may complete this assignment in a separate Word document. If you choose to do so, be sure to number your responses to match the questions provided in the worksheet.

1. GENERAL PAGE TEMPLATE DESIGN Briefly describe the general design approach you have planned for your site’s home page template, as well as any likenesses or differences for your supporting site pages. A general description of overall page template arrangement, with general design element placements, will suffice. (6–8 sentences)

2. CHOICE OF COLOR PALETTE What colors have you chosen for your uncle’s website, and why did you make those choices? Have you chosen a primary color and one or more secondary “highlight” colors? Or have you kept your color choices simpler and more limited? (4–6 sentences)

3. TYPOGRAPHY CHOICES Briefly describe the typefaces you have opted to use for your final website project, and why. While this can be a complex set of choices for a large site, you should probably keep your choices here simple—say, a sans-serif font for display (headline) type, and a serif font for body type. (4–6 sentences)

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