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The topic that I chose for my final project is the role that genes play in regards to addiction. I am interested in learning how much genetics really do play into the possibility of you becoming an addict. Of course availability and personal choice play the largest role in one becoming an addict but I think it’s important to also research deeper than that.

A lot of the information needed for the slides are provided on the attachments given. A lot of the project will just be transferring information on to the slides.


This assignment will use all of the information you have collected in your weekly assignments. Here is the order of slides. You may have more slides than required, but you may not have fewer, and each of these slides must be included, in this order. You are not required to have sound in your presentation, but it is often informative and adds additional nuance and atmosphere to your presentation. Illustrations and video clips also add to the overall effectiveness of a presentation, though you must cite each one. 

  • Title slide
  • Introduction to your topic: Describe the controversy and why you are interested in it. (Week1)
  • What is at stake? What will happen if the controversy is decided for one side or the other? (Example: If we decide pro antibiotics, more people will be able to have access to antibiotics, and more research will be done on them. If we decide against antibiotics, several diseases may run rampant until an alternative method of fighting them has been discovered.)(Weeks 1-3)
  • History of the controversy give a brief history of the controversy and how it has developed. Citations needed. (Weeks 1-3)
  • Your topic in the news Mention 2-3 news reports and how they are typical or atypical of the discourse going on around your topic. (Week 2-3)
  • Your topic as it relates to politics: Today’s political parties (Republicans and Democrats) see things very differently. Briefly summarize the stance each party would take on your topic. Are there significant stances that are representative of a third political viewpoint? (Week 3)
  • Peer-reviewed articles on your topic: Summarize and cite 2-3 peer reviewed (i.e. scientifically sound) articles on your topic. (Week 4)
  • Experts in your topic: Who are a couple of well-known experts in your topic? What are their qualifications? Which side of the controversy do they represent? (Week 5)
  • Pros/Cons: Create a table listing pros and cons (you may have more than two columns) (Week 6)
  • Your topic and your faith: Summarize how your faith influences your reaction to this topic. Cite Scripture when applicable. (Week 7)
  • Summary: Sum up your learning experience this term, ending with your own considered and researched position on this topic. 
  • References: Include references for all sources referred to in your presentation, including video and picture sources. These should be in the correct end-of-paper format for your citation style.
  • Note on how you revised based on feedback: Your instructor has given you feedback on each assignment. Provide at least 5 bullet points telling specifically what and how you revised a particular slide based on that feedback. Avoid mention of grammar– these should be significant revisions. 

For the last slide, the only feedback provided was that my assignments were late. Otherwise, he liked each project. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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