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For this project you need to plan ahead. You will need to attend a symphony orchestra concert, opera, or musical in order to complete it. That may not be possible at this time because of COVID 19 restrictions. You may need to view a performance online.  Please make sure it is a complete concert, not just one song taken from a performance. A full concert would generally be from 45 minutes to 90 minutes in length. You may view a performance on YouTube or at and must include the specific site as a source. I will view the performance to check your information. Following is the link to good orchestra performances:

You will also need to include a seating chart of the orchestra you are viewing. The chart included in the course lesson on orchestras in Class 12: Orchestral Timbre may not be the same as the one you view, so you will need to draw one out by hand and sent it to me via email, or use a computer drawing feature. It is a good idea to review all the material in Class 12 before you attempt this assignment.

Please be careful when reading the rest of the assignment instructions. Make sure you complete all of the components of the assignment. Apply at least four criteria to three -four pieces of music, not just in general.
You may choose any style or genre of music for the concert. I have had students report on an orchestra concert with Metallica or Elton John as featured performers. Others have found concerts of video game themes.
A very good concert to view would be the 2011 YouTube Symphony Orchestra concert. The link follows:

Play Video.
It is made up of 101 musicians from over 30 countries and contains wonderful music, including the piece, “Mothership” by Mason Bates. It is a modern piece for orchestra which includes technology and unusual soloists, including an electric guitar.

If you are interested in a musical you will need to find a recording of a live performance of one so you can see the orchestra pit at some time. If you will google “Live orchestra Concerts” and “Live performances of Musicals” you will see some options. You can also key in “Orchestra Concerts” and “”Live Performances of Musicals” in YouTube and a great list comes up. One good choice would be a concert of live musicians playing the music of a movie while the movie is shown with it. Here is a link that lists some great options:

You are to write the equivalent of a 2-3 page report giving a review of the concert you attended.

Your review must include the following:

What kind of listener were you at the concert? Why?

What pieces were performed?

What was the style of each of the pieces performed?

What was the instrumentation of the orchestra?

Draw out the actual seating arrangement of the instruments in the orchestra. Do not use a stock seating chart as there are variations according to the conductor.

Choose at least 4 of the following criteria and apply to 3-4 pieces in the concert.

Unity & Variety

Purpose of the Music





Historical Period (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Twentieth Century, Contemporary)

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