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What initiatives are in place to curtail
victimization? Pick a topic listed below.


-Intimate Partner Abuse

Elder Abuse

-Drug Abuse

Workplace Abuse


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takes different forms; however, it creates physical, emotional, financial, and
financial burdens for all the victims. Workplace abuse is a form of
victimization in which aggression is advanced to one employee or a group.
Aggression arising from workplace victimization contributes to physical,
psychological, and emotional damage, which, if not resolved, can last for a considerably
long time (Burke, 2018). Workplace abuse takes different forms. Some of these
forms include bullying, physical assaults, undermining the authority of the
persons in charge, and racial bias. Workplace abuse can involve both
psychological and physical abuse.

initiatives to prevent workplace abuse depend on the initiatives undertaken by
the organization. Much of the success of these organizational policies depend
on the leaders. A key industry is to ensure that policies and procedures
dictate a clear channel of reporting any incidences of incivility (Burke, 2018).
The organization should also provide transparent support systems which would
offer a recourse. Some of the support services include toll-free lines where
the employee can anonymously call and report the feelings of being unfairly
targeted or incidences of incivility (Robbins, 2018). Another important initiative
would entail implementing employer and customer surveys, which would assess any
forms of grievances and act on them accordingly.

primary approach involves lawfully processing the complaints while creating an
investigation process to evaluate the reported incidence. There should be no
exceptions, whether it is the senior staff or junior staff member who has been
accused of incivility; however, launching a thorough investigation would be
critical in evaluating the information and evidence gathered (Burke, 2018).
Another initiative that ends the victimization in the long term should entail providing
proper training to all the employees in the context of respectful communication.
Training would enable employees to prevent and recognize incidences that
contribute to incivility and aggression at the workplace.

the employees must understand that the current work environment starts with the
person. Besides, there is a need to model and support ethical and respectful
behavior in daily interactions. Communicating incivility should follow the proper
channels established as per the organizational protocols (Robbins, 2018). The
approach does not mean that the patient should remain silent when there are
incidences of being bullied. There should be zero tolerance to cases of
workplace abuse both by employers and employees.


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In Violence and abuse in and around organizations (pp. 1-37).

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