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question one

Explain how the issue of gender has shaped and influenced understandings of African American religious traditions. Specifically, include in your response reflections on two of the following issues:

  • The difference between feminist and womanist theologies.
  • How particular readings of scripture, or the language used the idea of God in many translations, influence the necessity of womanist theology or impact understanding of the issue of gender.
  • What is the Cult of True Womanhood or Domesticity, as used in the nineteenth century, and in what ways does are these ideas present and responded to in discussion of gender.
  • Whether there is any differences in how issues of gender are treated within Christian traditions versus Islamic traditions. How have some traditions addressed women in leadership?
  • question two :Please explain how the idea of manifest destiny played a role in developing religious thought in America and how it influenced particular religious understandings within African American religious traditions. Specifically, define and comment on the tradition of Jeremiad and its relationship to the idea of manifest destiny.
  • Question three : Discuss how Islamic religious traditions in American contained and expressed its understanding of the apocalyptic. Provide specific examples.
  • question 4 Describe Christian Nationalism and how it is manifested in African American religious traditions with specific reference to Albert Cleage.
  • question 5 Discuss how African American religious communities have addressed the issue of economics. Specifically, comment on the approach to economics found within African-based traditions, Spiritual and Christianity churches, and Islam. Give specific examples of how churches addressed economic needs in their community
  • question 6 Explain what liberation theology means within African American religious traditions and discuss some of the concrete issues liberation theology addresses with particular attention to the Statement by the National Committee of Black Churchmen of June 13, 1969.

question7 Describe the three statements produced by the Catholic Church on the issue of race. For each statement produced by the Catholic Church, address the following:

  • Identify the drivers to the production of the statement.
  • Discuss the specific conditions each statement sought to address.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the statement or what the statement failed to adequately address.

question 8 Discuss how racism has been understood within the Catholic tradition and how the advantages AND disadvantages to this approach in facilitating racial reconciliation.

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