The Power Analysis Why Do You


For this assignment, You will have to read pages 145-240 of the power book and watch the Ted Talk video then answer the questions below.

I have attached the book required for these questions.

Tel Talk link:…

PART 1: Answer these questions about The Power

For this homework assignment, please respond to one question per character (for a total of 5 questions) in a post of at least 400 words total. Use evidence from the novel to support your reasoning.

Format your post by identifying the character and question that you are responding to.

  • Tunde:
    • Why do you think the women save Tunde during the riot?
    • What political and social implications does the power have on society in the novel? Discuss the Arizona bombing, Nina and Tunde’s relationship, and Tunde’s conversation with UrbanDox.
  • Allie:
    • Allie is becoming more prolific. Is she famous or infamous?
    • Can Allie really heal people?
    • Who or what is Allie’s voice?
    • What do you think Allie and Tatiana’s ultimate plan is? (No spoilers, please! This should be a GUESS)
  • Margot:
    • What is the significance of Ryan’s power? How does this apply to modern conversations around gender? Why does Margot want to break Jos and Ryan up?
    • What is the significance of Margot winning the debate and ultimately, the election? Discuss the impact of her televised power reveal.
  • Roxy:
    • Describe Allie and Roxy’s partnership in the glitter business. Why are they making such large amounts? What is the glitter for?
    • Is Roxy justified in retaliating against Ricky’s attacker?
    • What is the significance of the information that Roxy gets from Newland in Spain?
  • Jocelyn:
    • Jos is a new main character. What is the significance of the attack and ultimate cover-up at the North Star camp? How might this relate to modern events?

To cite The Power, your citations will look like this: “quote” (Alderman 221).

PART 2: Answer this question about Tarana Burke’s Ted Talk

After watching Tarana Burke’s, “MeToo is a Movement, not a Moment” TedTalk (Links to an external site.), write one paragraph connecting at least one main point from the Ted Talk to The Power so far. Specifically, include at least one quote from the Ted Talk and explain how it relates to something that has happened in the novel to this point.

Be sure to cite the Ted Talk in MLA using this format: “quote” (Burke 3:24). You should have Burke’s name and the time stamp in parentheses.

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