Theoretical Justification of

Required Files: Your portfolio, plus original photographic image files. Let’s say you took an original photo for Facebook/Instagram using your phone/camera – we’d like you to upload the original file to Canvas, so we can confirm by looking at its properties/editing history that you are the author/owner.

Description: Students choose an organisation, and design an integrated multimodal portfolio for it, extending across a range of online media practised each week in tutorials. Students choose three nominated pieces from multimodal media to include in the portfolio.

Students are also required to provide a short theoretical justification of their design choices.

Genres: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram post, LinkedIn post, Advertorial, Text based ad.  International students can opt for Weibo/WeChat in place of Facebook/Twitter. Text based ads can be used as social media posts, too (This will be explained further in lectures). 

Components: Project Overview + 3 Portfolio entries + + Justification.

COMPONENT 1: Project Overview

A simple table that concisely outlines the following (template provided below). This table will be repeated three times, before each product. 

Chosen Client Organisation

Key Publics


Core Campaign  Message

Risk/Opportunity Statement

How does  this entry in your portfolio improve the organisation’s existing social media strategy in terms of storytelling/strategic writing? (Hint: think about what is missing from their current approach)

One table like this must precede each entry. This will help us gain a grasp at the very start what the intended narrative for your portfolio is. The table is not included in the word count. Nonetheless,  keep it concise (no more than 2-3 lines per section) – save the details for the justification section.

Each entry MUST be preceded by this table.


1).  You must choose a minimum of three, or a maximum of 4 genres, from the ones listed above.

The text in the entry is not included in the word count. Provide a snapshot of the entry as it will appear in a social media post. You can set the post to ‘private’, take a screen shot, and insert that into the document you will submit for your portfolio.

A minimum of six visuals is required, 2 per chosen genre/platform.

You can provide a maximum of ten visuals, divided across three genres, but divide them equally across genres (so, don’t provide 7 visuals just for Instagram alone).

COMPONENT 3: Justification (1,000 words).

This is where we expect you to interpolate theories from both Module 1 & 2. Explain and justify your holistic chosen approach to strategic storytelling .

You may structure your portfolio with the help of the Cultural Insights (CI) framework discussed in lectures.

Use all of the relevant five categories (and associated theories) to justify your design.

  1. Story: (Kent’s Narrative masterplots; Framing; Rhetoric).
  2. People: ( Maslow; ELM; WIN).
  3. Platform: (Affordances; Langue & Parole)
  4. Cultural Codes: (Myths, Signifier/Signified, Denotation/Connotation)
  5. Multimodality: (Representation (Carrier/Attributes & Taxonomy), Interaction, Composition, Modality.)

You must justify all five elements – but you do not need to use all the associated theories. Use relevant aspect of theories applicable to your design.

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