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Your manager’s memo to you is below. In it your manager is giving you tasks to address regarding international trade. You are not expected to be an expert, just willing and able to use the resources available to develop an accurate response.

Your memo should start with an introduction that reminds the manager what s/he requested you to do. Next, overview the information your manager can expect to find in your memo. After that, respond to each topic you were requested to address in sequence. For each topic, your response should clearly state the question(s) you understood you were to address. Then give a written response to the question that summarizes the source information. Your written response should then be supported with (1) an image that shows the specific source information you used, and (2) a weblink to that source in case your manager wants to seek out additional information. Note: An image does not replace your written response, it only shows the source information used. Finally, you may choose to provide a conclusion to your memo.

Images may be screen clipped to include them. That image should show the name of YOUR COUNTRY/YOUR STATE. (Your Country should be Malta and YOUR State should be Minnesota)

To: You

From: Your Manager

Date: Nov. 22, 2021

Subject: Crawling w/ Opportunity

A company in YOUR STATE wants to export dried mealworm powder to YOUR COUNTRY as an edible protein source for human consumption. They have contacted your organization for export assistance. Using dried mealworm powder as an alternative protein source is discussed in the brief article HERELinks to an external site..

The dried mealworm powder is produced, dried, inspected, and packaged for retail sale all in YOUR STATE. Each package costs $2.00.

The firm needs the information below to help them evaluate the requirements involved in exporting this product to YOUR COUNTRY.

In terms of the US’ HS Code for a product of this type, it would be best fit the description of “Other” under “Other, including edible flours and meals of meat or meat offal” which are sub-descriptors of “CHAPTER 2 – MEAT AND EDIBLE MEAT OFFAL.” Thus its Schedule B Number would be 0210.99.0002.

1. Presume it is an eligible product for import into YOUR COUNTRY. Determine the import tariffs and value-added taxes imposed by YOUR COUNTRY for an imported product of this type.

2. While it is not a traditional “meat” product, determine whether there are any extra import documents needed for meat products that the firm should check upon just in case.

3. For “meat” products for retail sale in YOUR COUNTRY, knowing any requirements ahead of time would be critical. This is a heat-treated, shelf-stable product. Overview packaging requirements with regard to the following:

A. Types of packaging required (or allowed)

B. Labeling, especially nutritional labeling

C. Language(s) required

The US Department of Agriculture – Exporting Products website HERELinks to an external site., the US Country Commercial Guide for YOUR COUNTRY HERELinks to an external site.,and YOUR COUNTRY’s trade websites may be of assistance.

4. Determine the government agency in YOUR COUNTRY that would provide any approval/certification for a unique “meat” product. Include the contact information for this agency and any relevant personnel, if specific ones can be identified.

5. Identify the US FSIS Inspection Form most likely to be appropriate for such a product. Include the contact information for US Department of Agriculture and a relevant person, if a specific one can be identified.

The US Department of Agriculture – Food Safety and Inspection Service website HERELinks to an external site. may be of assistance.

one more simple question:

Bartering is exchanging items without money. See an example in Oscar Mayer’s “The Great American Bacon Barter” Campaign HERE (Links to an external site.), where a fellow traded bacon for everything he needed on a trip across the entire United States.

1. Find an example of individuals/businesses in some news source that are engaging in barter for goods/services.

2. Summarize the news story. Clearly identify the individuals/businesses/governments involved and what was traded. (Note: The trade should not include cryptocurrencies.)

3. Include a weblink to the news story and check to see if there is any update if the story is more than two years old.

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