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Step 1: Choose Historic Figure

Post the Historical Figure’s name on the subject line of the D2L discussion tread “Historic Figure Choice” below. Duplication is permitted.

Step 2: Letter from your Historic Figure

Read about your historic figure, about his/her historic period and read things written by your historic figure.

Create a letter speaking in the voice of your figure writing to a loved one either in that period or in the future (see attached examples). Think about what events were occurring at the time in his/her world, what inventions or discoveries had taken place, and things that were important occurring in the leisure field. If your figure is from the present day think about they would address current issues, such as the disparity of leisure time existing between those with great wealth and those who do not.

Your letter should be at least 750 words, but no more than 5 full pages (without reference page). Additionally, your letter should contain information from at least 3 external sources (not Wikipedia) and be shown in a reference page at the end of your letter

Format: Be sure to give the full reference and cite the source in the body of your letter. Please follow the Standards for Written Work and the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Publication Manual (6th or 7 th edition). Please use as many scholarly books or articles as possible. Such printed materials may subsequently be placed in electronic databases or on the Internet. For example, you may read an article from the Journal of Leisure Research that can be found on the internet. Please do not use sources, such as Wikipedia, that allow editing by users without verification. If you have questions about this distinction, please ask.

In your letter, think about the following questions:

Who is your historic figure?

  • What are the facts and figures about your historic figure? For example, where were they born? What jobs did they hold? Who/what were the major influences in his/her life?
  • What are the important facts and figures about the period s/he lived, a snapshot of their world? For example, could everyone vote? Was there war? What were the social conflicts? Who were the thought leaders? What were the technological revolutions occurring?
  • What are/were the critical challenges to the beneficial use of leisure during your historic figure’s period? Examples of such issues might include industrialization, poverty, slavery, and television – be creative and descriptive.

What is your historic figure’s understanding of leisure, play and/or recreation?

  • Be sure to use quotations where necessary as well as examples from your person’s life to illustrate that person’s understanding of these concepts.
  • It is important to note that your figure may have never explicitly said, “I believe that leisure is like a bologna sandwich,” or something similar. In other words, you may have to imagine how your figure would have answered such a question.

Assignment Requirements: By reading primary (works written by your figure) and secondary sources (works written about your figure and the period), you have become immersed in the philosophy, time-period and persona of this person. These letters should be in the first-person voice as if your historical figure is composing the letter to their loved one. For example, if you chose to investigate Aristotle, your outline should be worded to say, “I was born in Athens, Greece,” rather than saying, “Aristotle was born in Athens, Greece.” The hope is that to the extent possible, you will take on the persona of the figure that you are studying.

The rubric for the assignment can be found under the assignment tab here is D2L. The rubric below also reflects the format for the assignment.

Note: the initial draft of this paper will be due at 11:59 on Sunday of this week. Once I receive your paper, I will make comments and return the paper to you with feedback (hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday), allowing you to make corrections, add material, etc. The final draft of this paper will then be due one week from when you receive feedback.

I have also attached 3 examples of Historic Figure Papers to give you a better idea of how this paper should be written.

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