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Select a post relevant to our leading teams class from one of the following professional blogs. Likely you will have to use the search function within the blog page to narrow the posts to those with a teamwork focus. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

If you find another blogger you would like to review, send me the link for approval before you begin your review.

Written Expectations

1) Briefly summarize the content of the blog (about 250 words). 4 points. Do not rely on direct quotes from the blog, I want to hear your voice, not the voice of the blogger. As a hint on how to make sure your voice is heard, read the blog, take a short break, come back and write without looking at the blog again. Once you have finished your draft, you can reread the blog to ensure you are accurate.

2) Evaluate the blog content (about 750 words). 12 points

Items to consider in your evaluation (note, these are not yes or no questions, these are important areas for you to address in your evaluation). Do NOT retype the questions.

 Did the title grab your attention? Why or why not?

 Does the blog hold your attention? Did you read through to the end without feeling weary or distracted?

 Is the content interesting? Did it make you think about the topic and relate the content to your own life?

 Does the content make a specific point? Did you understand that point from the beginning of the article?

 Is that point helpful or usable in the real world?

 Is the blog well written? Did you stumble over sentence structure or word choice?

 Does the blogger display professionalism and credibility? Would you want to work with this person?

 Is the post concise? Is there any material that could be removed without reducing the content’s message?

 Is the blog accurate and complete? How does the content match or contradict what you are learning in the chapters. What is missing from the content?

 Does the blogger promote interactive discussion with his/her followers? Did the author reply to the comments? Did the comments and replies promote a community of learning?

3) Self-reflect on the blog (about 250 words). 4 points

 How might the content help you in your role as a team manager or leader?

 Is this a blogger you would be interested in following? Why or why not?

4) Use these three headings in your blog (summary, evaluation, reflection) to organize your written submission. Use full paragraph format (do NOT retype the questions) and a formal reference page.

5) Yes, the required title page is always required.

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