UCF Hypertension in Adults Pr

Very simple assignment, create like 4 to 6 slides on the PowerPoint about the question I provided. 

Please read the instructions carefully to know what you should do.

This assignment is very easy, and it will not take more than half an hour to complete it. So please try your best to do it.

The instructions are a bit long because I wanted to explain every single thing on it and to know what you have to do for this assignment. I provide all the instructions for this assignment and I think all of them are very clear and simple to understand.

( Instructions )

In public health, we focus on improving the health and well-being of populations. For this set of assignments, you will identify and describe an important public health issue.

This is the topic of assignment: 

( High blood pressure/hypertension in adults )

You just have to answer for this question and make a small PowerPoint about it. Create slides on the PowerPoint to answer and clarify this question.

This is the question you have to answer and  clarify it.

( Describe of rates of this health problem within your specific population and changes in rates over time) with this topic ( High blood pressure/hypertension in adults )

Make like 4 to 6 slides on the PowerPoint about that question and don’t write all things just write the main idea for this assignment then send me the all things I have to read to answer this question because this assignment required audio recordings and have to be at least 2 minutes of the presentation. All slides should include audio recordings.

Please read this carefully:

Make sure you provide me with the notes which means the words I have to present on the PowerPoint and make audio recordings for all slides you’ll provide to me. Just in case, Add the slides according to the required time in the instructions. The time at least 2 minutes and you can manage from 2 minutes to 3 minutes. Don’t add too many slides on the PowerPoint because I need to mange the notes and words you gonna send me to make audio recordings for the PowerPoint.

Answer and clarify it:

Just useful information:

~What public health topic/issue/problem do you plan to use for the hot topic presentation (it 

is recommended you pick a specific population to go with your public health issue. For 

example: childhood obesity is more specific than just obesity)?

( High blood pressure/hypertension in adults )

~Why did your group select this topic? 

It is a well-known worldwide issue that has caused over half a million deaths in 

the United States in 2019 alone. It is a serious condition that many adults 

struggle with and having this chronic condition puts them at a high risk for other 

diseases and illnesses, such as heart disease. Also, members of our group knows 

some adults struggling with this chronic condition.

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