Unit 1 Research Process and O

Please write a 100 word response each for response 1 and response 2.

Response 1.) The research process consist of the gathering of information needed to support an assignment or research question. The research process can consist of different steps that have to be taken to ensure that the research is correct and enough information is gathered to complete the assignment. The main purpose of the research process is to support what you consider your research question. So in order to do that it involves collecting, identifying, locating, and analyzing information from different sources that will help support your question or statement. Research is needed in the public administration profession because it is important. There are many issues that go on within the public administration profession and in order to determine why and find a solution to them, research is needed. Research allows you to get to the root of the problem and provides insight and background information.

“Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.” Proverbs 19:2. This biblical scripture clearly tells us that not knowing correct information is bad and just making assumptions can lead to misinformation. So basically the research process is important because it ensures a person knows all the information on a specific topic before speaking on what they know. Throughout my journey at Belhaven, the research process has always been a main factor. The reason being is because, even though I knew of certain topics and subjects, I still had to use my books and other sources, to expand what I knew. The research process gave me more information and even corrected some of the information I thought I knew.

Response 2.) On a scale of 1-10, I would rank my experience with spreadsheets and data analysis a 4. The reason being is because I never have to use Excel or data analysis. Back in elementary, which was a couple years ago, we actually had a Microsoft Office class where we were taught about the applications of Microsoft but since then I have not had to use many of those applications. The only Microsoft applications that I am efficient with is Word and PowerPoint. Many of the jobs that I have, including the one that I have now, I have never had to use spreadsheets and data analysis, so I had no reason to learn. I am willing to learn to do spreadsheets and data analysis because I know it is needed for this class and I may need it in the future.

My strengths related to Excel spreadsheets is that I know how to start a spreadsheet when given very few information to input into it. I am familiar with Excel in a way, I just do not use it enough to be very good at it. My weaknesses related to Excel spreadsheets is that I do not really know how to collaborate with it. I know that with Excel, you have to manual input the information and that if anything is inputted incorrectly, then that is on you. I feel that Excel spreadsheets is very confusing and time consuming but as mentioned before I do want to learn to do them better.

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