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1) Explain at least three distinct strategies that states have used for economic development, drawing from both lecture and the textbook.

  • In doing so, be sure to also answer the following questions: What is development? Who are the actors? What are their interests? How do these actors interact? How might institutions shape these actors’ strategies and interactions?
  • Why were each of these strategies successful or unsuccessful?

May I write in the first person (use “I” etc.)?

Yes. You are welcome to write in the first person (for example: “I partially agree with the perspective that…” or “In my analysis I believe that….”) You are also welcome to write more formally in the third person. Either way, however, you are expected to maintain a scholarly tone. Use proper grammar and spelling. Edit your paper before submission.

What are the formatting requirements?

Your essay should be composed in Word or another similar program and include:

  • your name at the top
  • 12-point Times or Times New Roman font
  • one-inch margins on all four sides (NOTE: Microsoft Word defaults to 1.25-inch margins. Please adjust to 1-inch all around.)
  • double spacing (except for block quotes & works cited)
  • no unnecessary gaps between paragraphs or unusual spacing
  • page numbers (lower right corner)
  • no fewer than 2 pages and no more than 4 pages (excluding works cited)

Do I have to cite my sources?

Yes. Please use either internal citations or footnotes to cite any readings (such as your textbook) and any ideas that are not your own (such as an idea you learned from a classmate during discussion section). You do not have to cite the course lectures (simply say something like, “In lecture on Wednesday, November 10, we learned…”), though you may do so if it makes your writing easier. In addition to citing sources within the text, please add a Works Cited section that will not count toward your page requirement (even if you only cite the textbook.)

How do you grade our essays?

Below is a rubric. Note that point values indicate the highest possible number of points for each criterion. Papers start at zero and earn points; they do not start at 100 and “lose” points.

  • Demonstrates knowledge gained from POSC 020 lectures and readings: 40 points
  • Fully answers each part of the essay prompt with analysis, not just summary: 40 points
  • Writing flow, organization, overall clarity, grammar, & correct formatting: 15 points
  • Sophistication, e.g., originality, depth, synthesis of key themes: 5 points

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University of California Riv

I’m working on a art writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.

Compare and contrast two typographic designers ,Wim Crouwel and Max Miedinger

comparison on 2 type designers and their work. Supply (with images) examples of the typeface that the typographers have created.

(any comparison of 2 styles)

Because some students may not have an understanding of comparing type and the formal aspects and terminology or type, this review might be written differently. If you feel that you are able to compare the type using type terminology, please do so. otherwise, for this review, your comparison will be on cultural differences, purpose and biographies.

In other words, take 2 type designers and compare their lives, their work, their time periods, etc. You may talk about some differences in typefaces based on classification -old style, Modern, Sans Serif, etc.- but your goal is to have a better understanding of the time period and what is different and similar about type design from those time periods.

At least 875 to 900 words for each paper to be considered as a B paper.

Provide a summary of what you will be talking about

Paragraph 2:
Note: Paragraphs typically consists of 4-5 sentences. Briefly provide some background about each artists. No lengthy biographies— One Paragraph only for each artist.

Other Paragraphs:
These sections state your point and supports your argument.
Note: Paragraphs typically consists of 4-5 sentences. Paragraphs are indented with tabs

– Explain why each these works are so similar
– Explain what are the differences
– Why did you choose these 2 artists?
– Investigate, describe and determine the significance of the artists’ work.
– Describe the works.
– Explain the meaning of the work.
– Ask questions? Provide answers.

Provide a summary of what you talked about. Make a strong conclusion.

(at the end of the document) Must have at least 3 references for each unit.

Writings must be in your own words. Any quotes or paraphrasing must be indicated through a citation. (You must use: MLA Style, or APA writing style).

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