UNT Substance Use Treatment S

This is a script between a social worker and a client.

This interview is a mock substance use screening, assessment and brief intervention (SBIRT) session using the CRAFFT (for adolescents) assessment tool. This is a role-play, so the script must be at least a 5-7 minute conversation. Make sure that the results of the screening indicate that the client is “at risk” or is exhibiting “unhealthy/problematic” levels of substance use. You must include the following components:

Introduce yourself to the client
Introduce the practice setting for the mock session
Ask for permission to ask the client some questions or offer information
Introduce the instrument/tool – what the purpose of the instrument/tool is, how long it will take to complete, how the results will be used (if applicable)
Tell the client that they may ask for clarification after the questions are complete/give the client the opportunity to give additional information/contextualization
Give the client the opportunity to ask questions prior to proceeding with the screening/assessment/information giving
Give the client the option of looking at the instrument/tool while you are administering it or allow the client to fill it out on their own
Ask the questions exactly as written, and in the order written
Answer the client’s questions in a way that is clear and respectful
Score the instrument correctly
Explain the score to the client and give accurate feedback about the results
Ask the client what they think of the results, and what they think of the new information they have been given
Discuss possible next steps with the client
Exhibit good listening skills
Exhibit good rapport building skills
Exhibit body language that is non-judgmental and invites the client to talk

Then write another portion on the following required self-grading components:

What did you do well?
What would you do different if you had a “do over?”
Describe your comfort level asking the questions and offering feedback/giving education
What was the most challenging part of this interaction?

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