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In reviewing the Center for Preparedness and Response section and the Are we Prepared? Page there is a lot of information that is very helpful and related to preparing communities for unexpected events. As a community health nurse this information can be shared in many ways. Postings in public buildings, schools, churches, healthcare facilities and at events where a large number of people will attend. I believe that sharing this information has to be an ongoing process as I think there are many people who probably do not have a plan in place for emergency situations. Every community in the United States should be ready to respond to an infectious disease outbreak, chemical or radiological release, or natural disaster (CDC, 2019). As an example, here in Florida during hurricane season many people wait until the last minute to make sure they have supplies when they know that they are in the path of the hurricane. This leads to stores running out of supplies that everyone is trying to obtain at the same time and stores are not able to keep up with the demand.


Emergency and disaster preparedness is a progressive process that requires assessment, planning, training, and continuous evaluation. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention works to detect, prevent, and respond to any events that are leading to disaster. The organization put efforts to prepare public health officials at both local and national levels for emergency preparedness (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018). Among the public health officials are community health nurses who form an integral part of public health. Nurses are the frontline care providers in emergency preparedness and response (Al et al., 2020).

Evaluating the Center for Disease Control and Prevention information, community health nurses learn key aspects that can be applied in preparedness. One of the vital points community health nurses grasp from the topic is assessment. To prepare for disaster and emergency, assessment is key to ensure that public threats are detected as early as possible and necessary interventions are implemented. Assessment should include available resources to support the necessary efforts. The nurses should continuously apply this aspect to detect arising public health issues. Community health nurses should also have set criteria to continuously measure and evaluate the effectiveness and progress. Since an emergency is a continuous process, evaluation should also be continuous to keep abreast with changing needs. The community health nurse should ensure periodical assessment is carried to determine the need for changes.

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