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Question 3


-Read the scenario below and pay attention to the specifics of the directions

-Provide five nutrition and diet habit tips to the student to help him get back on track

-Read your classmates’ posts and strive to make your tips unique from your classmates’ tips.

-Respond to at least two different classmates.



Johnny’s largest meal of the day is late in the evening. Twice a week he prepares his own hot dinners at his dorm. The other nights he eats frozen convenience foods, microwave dinners, fast food, or cold sandwiches. His friends have mentioned to him that his eating habits may affect his health, but Johnny has explained that he is an athlete and needs to eat the way he does to have energy to compete at a college level. He has seen no change in his weight over the past few months, either up or down, not even with weight training activities. He has not been to the doctor in a year, but as a student athlete is required to see the doctor once every year. He has just scheduled an appointment for the end of the month in preparation for lacrosse season.

Johnny wants to be the best athlete possible and his friends’ concerns have made him think about his eating habits. He has visited you at the student health center where you are volunteering with the nutrition office as part of your nutrition class. What advice can you give Johnny about sports nutrition and his current eating habits? Please give him at least five tips. Include the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ for each tip. Use the sports nutrition guidelines from your recommended readings. Do not be vague. Note: Please clearly indicate your tips in your response (if I can’t locate them, I can’t grade them).

Question 4

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is the nation’s largest non-profit working to protect families from drunk driving, drugged driving, and underage drinking. Briefly summarize why MADD was established and their mission. Also, visit madd.org and identify a component of MADD that you would like to include in your social media campaign.

Respond to two students who have identified different components of MADD, and state how the components would be either beneficial or ineffective among your population.

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Wake Technical Community Coll

Purpose: This assignment will enable you to discover a short story’s use of elements such as theme, characterization, irony, metaphor, and symbolism. You will conduct a close reading of a short story and discuss the author’s use of these devices in his or her structuring and composition of the content. Applying a close reading and composing a literary analysis will prepare you for the many texts that you will read, summarize, and discuss in your future studies and even the workplace.


Write an essay analyzing one of our stories from this Unit (by Ron Rash, Ken Liu, or Rebecca Roanhorse) that discusses why and how specific symbols, metaphors, uses of irony, or characters are used to depict one of the themes from Unit 1 (Love, Alienation/Otherness, the American Dream/Nightmare, Quest for Identity/Coming of Age, or Conformity/Rebellion) in a particular way. Your essay should incorporate details and quotes from the story, and you should use your own words to elaborate on the meanings of the details and quotes you use as evidence.  Follow these steps:

  • Choose one of the Short Story Selections from this Unit – you can certainly choose a story you focused on in one of the discussion forums, but you don’t have to.  
  • You will closely read (and reread) your chosen story, considering its themes, characters, organization, dialogue, setting, symbols, metaphors, irony, allusions, and other literary elements.  Take notes!
  • To start to compose your working thesis, consider which theme you find most applicable to the story and what elements contribute the most to that theme. How do these elements contribute to the theme? Why did the author choose to use them this way?  
  • Compose your outline. Use the MEAL Plan outline to guide the structure of your paper.
  • As you flesh out your outline with evidence and original analysis, be specific in your use of details and use well-chosen quotes to support your thesis. Integrate quoted material logically and grammatically, and use parenthetical documentationwith the author’s surname. Avoid plot summary.
  • Be sure to maintain an appropriate academic tone (no slang, second-person [“you,” “we”], contractions, etc.)
  • Please refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab for MLA formatting and style guide.
  • Leave time to submit your draft to Free Tutoring for review. Your tutor can help with thesis and content development, organization, grammar, and mechanics. Utilize this free service to write the best draft possible on this major assignment. Don’t forget that you can submit your draft to Free Tutoring multiple times during the revision process.
  • Submit your final paper in the Unit 3 Essay: Short Story Analysis dropbox.  Remember, your instructor will be able to see your Turnitin results – both your similarity percentage and any phrases or language that appear elsewhere, either online or in Turnitin’s database of prior student work, so ensure that your work is scrupulous in its citations and adheres to the standards of academic honesty.

When writing your essay, the goal is to demonstrate what spin the story has on a particular theme. Be specific about the ways the theme is used and how the story’s use of symbols develops a deeper meaning to the theme. Provide details, including cited direct quotes from the story, but don’t forget that you must integrate the quotes grammatically and logically and comment on the quotes you use to explain why they are significant.

File submissions:  Please submit your file as a DOC.X or PDF file.

Criteria on Which You Will be Graded:

  • The specificity and development of your thesis
  • Your supporting claims, logic, and organization
  • The quality of your writing, to include paragraph development and organization: topic sentences, conclusions, transitions, etc. See Starting Your Short Story Analysis Essay.
  • Your engagement with the text (how you explain your examples, your choice of supporting quotations)
  • Format: You are required to use MLA style for all writing assignments. Proper MLA citation and a correctly formatted Works Cited page (12-point font, Times New Roman, double spacing, Last name and page number on each page, etc.). Please refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab for MLA formatting and style guide.
  • Academic Honesty (NO secondary sources are needed or encouraged; however, if any external sources are used, they MUST be appropriately cited using MLA 8th edition format).  As always, plagiarism is not tolerated.  Please ask if you have questions about citation or academic honesty.
  • Length Requirement: 750-1,000 words

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Wake Technical Community Coll

Module 5 Discussion Board

NOTE: The purpose of this discussion board is to investigate and better understand clinical or health issues related to Bio169.

While your personal, cultural or religious beliefs may play a role in which side of the argument you pick, please remember that in this EDUCATIONAL SETTING we will:

  • Avoid judgmental opinions/ comments
  • Stick to scientific facts backed by cited research
  • and of course
  • Always just be plain “ole” nice!

If you’d really like to challenge yourself, choose a side that is opposite to your initial beliefs.

Part 1: Initial Post (80 points)

Imagine that you are an emergency room doctor. One evening, a patient comes in who has attempted suicide. You learn that this patient is terminally ill and has do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders. As you begin to treat the patient, they stop breathing. You must choose one of the following: 1) try to resuscitate the patient or 2) abide the patient’s DNR order. Before choosing your answer, research both options from a doctor’s perspective – there is a reason why this is considered an ethical issue. In your post, include the following:

  • Explain what terminally ill means and give an example of a terminal illness (don’t just state the illness – be sure to explain what it is and how the body is affected).
  • Explain the ethical dilemma that this scenario presents.
  • State your decision. Include at least 3 reasons as to why you chose this.
  • You must include at least 3 reputable scientific sources. Reputable sources= peer reviewed scientific journal articles, accredited websites, or books. Google, Wikipedia, etc. are not acceptable sources. Remember that you can use FTCC’s library website (opens in new window) to facilitate your search. Be sure to include in-text citations and properly cite the sources (MLA or APA format) at the end of your initial post.

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Wake Technical Community Coll

Response to classmate

For your response to a classmate’s post, find one that addressed something you did not address. React to that post either confirming why you agree that the event/opinion/document counters the generalization or disagreeing with your classmate, if you feel the event/opinion/document actually supports the generalization.

here is the post:

One event that sparked my interest was the Dred Scott Decision. I did not realize the complexity behind that case nor did I realize how detrimental the consequences were. Scott was a slave whose owner took him to several territories where slavery was prohibited including Illinois and Wisconsin. After his return home to Missouri, Scott attempted to plead and buy his freedom arguing that he had lived in states where slavery was prohibited. The case made it all the way to the Supreme Court where they ultimately ruled that he was still a slave. The status of black individuals would forever be changed as a result of the Dred Scott Decision as well. The court ruled that black individuals could never be considered citizens of the United States and that congress had no authority to stop the spread of slavery into American territories. This case, therefore, ruled the Missouri Compromise, which stated all territories west of Missouri and north of the 36’30 latitude were slave-free states, unconstitutional. They ruled that any ban of slavery was a violation of the fifth amendment. The fifth amendment prohibits denying property laws without due process of law. The abolitionist were filled with outrage as they saw the official ruling of the case causing tensions between the North and South to rise even more.

Another event that was very entertaining and defined the norms of generalizations was the Revolt of Nat Turner. This revolt defies the norms of the pro-slavery movement that was rampant in the southern United States and took an extreme amount of valor. On August 21, 1831, Nat Turner led himself and six others to rise up and kill his slave owner. They seized control of the owner’s guns, ammunition, and horseback. Seventy-five other African American slaves joined the revolt and they went on a reckless rampage. These individuals defined the societal norms and wanted to stand up against slavery. During their quest, their killed over fifty-five white individuals and sought to end slavery. Nat Turner’s quest went on for roughly six weeks before he was found and executed for his actions. This outbreak was one of its first and put fear into the hearts of southern slave owners at the time. Even though Turner’s revolt to end slavery was cut short, it raised tension between the North and South. The revolt’s actions enraged the south and enlightened the north and ultimately helped add to the fire which would soon lead to the Civil War. America was turning on one another and Nat Turner’s revolt continued that notion of “A Nation Divided”. 

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Wake Technical Community Coll


How powerful is a state? How powerful should it be? These questions have been debated since the Revolution. Under the Articles of Confederation, we saw states with significantly higher power than the national government; there was an attempt at more balance in the Constitution. Yet the debate over the power of each level of government continued to be debated, and this debate formed some of the reasoning behind having a Bill of Rights, led to the formation of our two political parties, and formed the basis of many of our conflicts in U.S. history. In the Federalist Era, we saw James Madison and Thomas Jefferson write the “Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions,” in reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts; their work outlined their beliefs of where national law overreached and states should be able to counter that law. And in the Age of Jackson, we see the issue arise again in relation to the tariffs. 


For this essay, you will need to read “Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions (1798)” (but please only read the Kentucky Resolution section) and “South Carolina Exposition and Protest”.

In your essay, you should:

  1. Write an introduction outlining the basic argument of state powers versus national powers. You may want to turn to the Constitution itself to find material. 
  2. Write a brief summary of why each document was written. What is the historical context of the documents? You will probably want a paragraph for each document.
  3. Write a paragraph of what the two documents have in common. 
  4. Write a paragraph of what the difference in the two documents is. How does the “South Carolina Exposition and Protest” differ in its argument from the “Kentucky Resolution”?
  5. Write a conclusion that answers whether or not a state should have the ability to nullify a national law, and if so, under what circumstances? If not, why not? This last paragraph will be your opinion, but remember do not use “I” in any form. State your opinion as if it were fact. 

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