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Final Project Structure and Format

Your Final Project for this course will consist of a narrative/report in which you will apply what you have learned in this course, including presenting a research question related to a dataset, exploring variables that relate to this research question, analyzing the data using descriptive and inferential statistics, describing your results, and discussing your findings, limitations, implications, and possibilities for future research.

For the format and structure of your narrative/report, you will use the Walden Writing Center APA Course Paper Template for Graduate Courses found in this week’s Learning Resources. Your narrative/report must include the information in the Assignment section below.

Assignment (4–6 pages, not including title page, tables and figures, and reference pages. The number of paragraphs in the outline below are recommended ranges and not requirements):

  • Title
  • Introduction (1 paragraph)
    • Present your research question and state your hypothesis.
  • Method (4–6 paragraphs)
    • Participants represented in the dataset
    • Instruments used to measure the variables
    • Procedures used to select, clean, and manage variables from your dataset
    • Analysis (include any tables that display the statistical analyses you conducted on your selected variables)
    • Note: Provide a citation for any reference you use to support your analysis
  • Results (2–4 paragraphs) (include any figures you feel are necessary to support your results)
    • Provide a summary of your findings.
  • Discussion (4–6 paragraphs)
    • Explain whether your findings answered your research question.
    • Describe whether you can draw causal conclusions based on the data and explain why (or why not).
    • Explain any limitations that can limit the reliability or generalizability of your findings (i.e., sample size, sampling strategy, ethical issues, threats to internal and/or external validity, or any other flaws).
    • Discuss the implications of your findings regarding how they might effect positive social change.
    • Based on your findings, what might be the possibilities for future research regarding your research question and topics?

    And there is another tempalet that needs to be filled.

Use proper APA style.

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