Week 5 Teamwork Experiences a

In need of a 250-word initial post for both, issues for discussions (A total of 500 words). Fundamental Leadership Dynamics

Topic: Lesson 5

This class will examine the role a leader has in developing an effective team or alternatively how a poor leader can negatively impact team performance. More precisely it will review how great teams are built and sustained as well as the pivotal role that leaders play in this process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine the role of the leader and how a leader can impact whether a team reaches it’s true potential.

Two issues for discussion are posed for each lesson. Learners must individually address the issues—initial response—through college-level, succinct and insightful paragraphs.


What were the commonalities/differences of the best/worst teams you have been on? Was it the leader or team that made it the best/worst?

(In need of a 250-word initial post)


What do you consider to be the role of the leader in initial and sustained team success?

(In need of a 250-word initial post)

Additional Resource:


I’m sending my week 5 announcement early as I want to give some guidance on the reading for next week. For week 5 we will be discussing team building and the role of the leader in a team’s initial and sustained success. There are two readings and a video clip from the movie “Miracle”…..I’m getting motivated just typing this as I think about the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team defeating those pesky Soviets! For the Lencioni piece, you only need to read pages 185-220 (the section titled “The Model”). When you pull up the reading you will notice the highlighted sections to the left of the actual reading do not match the pages within the reading. The highlighted section on the left indicates it is pages 197-232 but the pages within the actual article are 187-220……look in the Table of Contents of the article for “The Model”. My apologies if I’ve thoroughly confused anyone. I’m excited to read your posts/responses. ******

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