WRTG 391 University of Maryla

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Step #1: Read any three (3) of the four articles listed below on the movie Bombshell (2019).

(You can find .pdf links to these reviews at the bottom of this discussion post as well.)

Step #2: Review the worksheet on creating a synthesis matrix (North Carolina State University) featured in this week’s Content.

Step #3: Complete a synthesis matrix for the three articles you’ve read. This includes:

  • Identifying at least three (3) main ideas or topics covered by the reviews (e.g., plot, actors, #MeToo, gender bias, etc.)
  • Taking notes on what the critics write about these main ideas (e.g., “Lee praises the plot as interesting…” and “Reed finds the plot too confusing…”)
  • Jotting down quotes that support your observations (e.g., “Lee writes, ‘The story has movie-goers at the edge of their seats the whole three hours…”)

Step #4: Identify at least two key issues or questions that are particularly problematic or controversial or striking or worthy of exploring. These would be issues/questions that can be supported by at least two of the articles. They may be points on which the critics agree or disagree, issues that weren’t adequately addressed, or ideas that are explored in the reviews (e.g., “What did the critics think about Colin Firth’s cameo?” or “Discussion of political bias in the movie’s portrayal of the vice president”). Ask yourself, what ideas/issues that are shared among the articles might be interesting to pursue further?

Step #5: Explain how these issues are played out in the reviews (1-2 sentences). What are the critics’ positions on these issues? What was stated/not stated? What other questions does this issue introduce? (For example, for “Why didn’t the critics recognize the cinematography?” you might write about how one critic barely mentioned the cinematography, while another stated how it was overrated, focusing more on the acting.)

Note that a sample response to this discussion, based on three reviews of Danny Boyle’s _Steve Jobs_, appears in the Content for this week.

Step #6: Post your matrix, your two issues/questions, and your 1-2 sentence analysis.

Step #7: Respond to one or two of your classmates’ posts.

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WRTG 391 University of Maryla

Writing Assignment #1
Critical Annotated Bibliography of Five Sources
Summary of assignment
· Task: In this assignment you will write a list of at least 5 sources in alphabetical order in
APA format. In addition, each reference will be followed by a short analytical summary
of 150-200 words. At the end of the short summary, you will include a sentence or two
that critically analyzes the source and that mentions distinctive features about the article
and why it may or may not be useful for you in pursuing more research.
● Length: Each annotation should be 150-200 words.
● Format: APA
● Sources: Five sources, all of which you fill find through UMGC’s OneSearch
o All of your articles should be from scholarly journals or credible trade journals.
They should not be from popular journals.
Strategies in Selecting a Topic for your Annotated Bibliography
You may select a topic of your choice. However, when selecting a topic, keep in mind
that it should be a topic on which a number of studies or scholarly articles have been
Examples of topics students have chosen in the past or that would be workable for this
assignment are the following:
● The impact of the Internet on research methods of students and plagiarism in student
● The impact of The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act on primary school education.
● The impact of mobile devices on cybersecurity
Overall, in considering a topic, you might consider your major, topics that will be covered in
future classes you plan to take at UMGC, and your interests.
For example, please examine the following ideas:
· If your major is criminal justice, you might consider researching the different types of CSI
effects that have been explored in the literature or researching what studies have noted about
body cameras for law enforcement officials.
· If your major is psychology, you might consider researching counseling strategies, consumer
behavior in online shopping, decision-making in upper-management positions, etc.
· If your major is history, you might consider researching theories on the Civil War, studies on
labor patterns in the United States, an aspect of military history, etc.
· If your major is social science, you might consider researching community responses to health
care threats,co-parenting patterns after divorce, etc.
· If your major is cybersecurity, you might consider researching different studies that analyze the
training of employees on cyber issues or researching the Agile and Waterfall methods of project
Whatever topic you consider, keep in mind that it should be a topic on which a
number of studies or scholarly articles have been published. You will conduct
all or most of your research using UMGC’s OneSearch function in finding
scholarly articles or articles from credible trade journals.
This assignment will be an analytical/critical/ annotated bibliography. The difference
between the descriptive/informative annotated bibliography and the analytical/critical
annotated bibliography is explained in the following video: (I have the five sources available.)

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WRTG 391 University of Maryla



Task: The multiple-source essay asks you to synthesize the arguments of at least 10

· Length: 2000-3000 words

· Format: APA

Sources: a total of at least 10 sources, all of which should be from scholarly journals or
credible trade journals. You should find your sources through library searches.

o If you cite sources from websites or popular journals, these sources should be in
addition to the 10 sources you have cited from scholarly or trade journals.

· Topic: Please use the same topic that you used for writing assignment #3. It is
recommended that you focus on or expand on the essay that you wrote for writing
assignment #3. You will continue with the topic you have selected and will conduct
additional searches in the library databases, hopefully focus the topic more, and
determine the 10 or more sources to use in this essay. Please note that this is a review
of the literature on a topic. It is not a persuasive essay using sources to support a point.
Rather it is an overview of the current research on a topic

· Integration of Sources: At least eight sources must be cited in the body of the essay.
You may cite sources in your introduction to help you define terms, and you may cite
sources in your conclusion to help you direct the reader to further inquiry. However, the
body of the essay should synthesize at least 8 sources.

Strategies in Developing the Topic for this Essay

Up to this point in the semester, you have completed an annotated bibliography. You have also
incorporated and synthesized four sources into writing assignment #2 and six sources into
writing assignment #3. The work you have completed for these assignments provides a solid
Strategies in Developing the Topic for this Essay
foundation for writing assignment #4. In this assignment you will synthesize the ideas of at least
10 sources in a synthesis essay, or literature review

For your annotated bibliography, you selected a topic based on your interests and, possibly, your
major. You constructed a list of five references and summarized and critically analyzed them in
150-200 words each. You then completed the four-source essay and the six-source essay.

Through this process, you may have seen patterns in the scholarly literature in the topic on which
you conducted research. For example, consider the following examples: Through this process, you may have seen patterns in the scholarly literature in the topic on which
you conducted research. For example, consider the following examples:

• You may have researched studies in criminal justice and found that there are varying opinions on
how to respond to criminal behavior among youth.

• ·You may have researched studies in psychology and found that counseling strategies for victims
of domestic abuse tend to fall into four categories.

• ·You may have researched articles on gerontology and found studies that answered three basic
questions on how older adults respond to training for physical performance.

• ·You may have researched articles on environmental management and found studies on climate
change. You noticed that various demographic factors influence whether individuals believe in
climate change and, if so, whether they believe it is caused by human activity

In the synthesis essay, you will focus your research efforts in a particular area, perhaps as a
response to what you found while writing the annotated bibliography and in constructing the
four-source and six-source essays. You will then conduct more research and synthesize your
findings in this literature review.

Please note that the annotated bibliography, the four-source essay, and the six-source essay
represent a journey in your research

You might decide to disregard several of the articles you analyzed in the critical annotated
bibliography or in the following two essays because they don’t speak to the specific area on
which you have decided to write your multiple-source literature review. You might select one
article that you analyzed in the critical annotated bibliography, look up the articles cited in that
article, and “snowball” your research in that way.

In other words, this process is a recursive one. You might find reasons to hone in on and narrow
your topic even further after you have written the annotated bibliography

For these reasons, you are strongly encouraged to write on the same general topic on which you
wrote writing assignment #3. You might focus the topic more for writing assignment #4. Or you
might expand on the topic for writing assignment #4

How to organize the multiple-source essay:

You will divide the essay into categories. Each category will be labelled with a heading

Point of view
For this essay, you will use third-person point of view.
Please do not use first person point of view (e.g., “I,” “me,” “we”) in writing this essay.
In addition, please do not use second-person point of view (“you” or “your”) in writing this
essay. For example, instead of “Smith argues that, as a director, you have a duty to coordinate
cybersecurity efforts…” you would write, “Smith argues that directors have a duty to coordinate
cybersecurity efforts…”

APA Style
The paper should be formatted in APA style. The link “APA 7th edition example student paper” from
Week 3 will be a helpful resource. In summary, you should observe the following:
· Use one-inch margins.
· Double space.
· Use size 12 Times New Roman font.
· Include a running head.
· Include page numbers.
· Include a title page.
· Include a “References” page on which you list the articles in APA style
· Do not include an abstract. This paper is not long enough to warrant an abstract.

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